• Thursday , 21 October 2021

​IDN Supplies Ltd completes MBO

Award winning systems integrator IDN Supplies Ltd has undergone a Management Buy-Out (MBO). The MBO has been led by the current principals of the business, David Shuttleworth and Darren Clayman, who will be taking on the roles of joint managing directors.

David Shuttleworth who joined IDNS in 1990 worked his way up through the company and was appointed to the board in 1997. David has been the backbone of the company for the last decade, ensuring the smooth running of the rapidly growing business.

Darren Clayman has been a well-known figure in the Audio-Visual industry for many years. He joined IDNS in 2006 to head up the newly created AV division and has overseen its growth to becoming one of the UK’s leading system integrators. In recent years, Darren has expanded his role and now manages the broad range of IT and AV products and services in the IDNS portfolio.

The MBO sees the departure of Gareth Stocks, the company’s majority shareholder: “Gareth is leaving the company in an extremely strong position,” commented Clayman. “This MBO has been on the cards for over a year allowing careful planning and structure. This is great news for all involved, our staff, suppliers and customers because it means there will be virtually no change. It’s essentially business as usual.”

“The company has been growing from strength to strength,” added Shuttleworth. “We have high hopes for the future of IDNS, and a clear vision and plan on how to move the company forward.”

David Shuttleworth and Darren Clayman will be taking on the roles of joint managing directors at IDNS.

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