• Thursday , 21 October 2021

NEC debuts new generation 27 inch displays for more relaxing working experience

NEC debuts new generation 27 inch displays for more relaxing working experience

MultiSync® 27” displays provide space for multiple applications on a single screen

NEC Display Solutions Europe today announces the launch of its latest generation of MultiSync® displays for a more comfortable and productive working experience.


With most mainstream corporate office displays offering a size of only 24”, many workers are using two screens so that they can view multiple open applications at the same size. By contrast, NEC’s new MultiSync® family boasts a screen size of 27” to make applications more easily readable and enable better control of multiple windows open in parallel.


Leading NEC’s new MultiSync® displays is its flagship PA271Q model, designed for professional office and creative workers. With superior colour management and outstanding ergonomic features, the PA271Q provides industry-leading colour reproduction thanks to its SprectraView® Engine and integrated colour calibration application. Users simply connect their external calibration sensor to the device’s USB port and can immediately choose their desired calibration target from the on-screen menu.


The device also enables users to declutter their desktop thanks to the display’s USB Type-C connectivity, which makes it simple to manage video, audio, power and USB with just a single cable. Meanwhile, users can maximie image quality with NEC’s Uniformity Control, which provides perfect uniformity across multi-screen setups with a single click in the on-screen menu.


Jan Gräf, Product Manager Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said, “Dual displays are becoming more common in the workplace, especially among creatives who find that traditional 24” displays aren’t big enough to handle the multiple application windows they use. This set-up can make for uncomfortable and unproductive viewing, which is why NEC’s new 27” range is focused on giving the user the ability to surf across a single, central screen surface, without having to turn their head across a wide viewing angle.


“At NEC we understand the link between creativity and productivity on the one hand, and user comfort on the other. That’s why the new MultiSync® PA271Q display has been designed with the best possible ergonomics, and include dependable colour and brightness reproduction thanks to the built-in NEC SpectraView colour engine controls, along with adjustable luminance via an integrated backlight sensor. These features ensure that the user is always in complete control of their work, while enjoying the comfort they need to be creative.”


As well as the PA271Q model, the new MultiSync® family comprises the entry-level E271N and the more advanced corporate office EA271F display.


All three NEC MultiSync® 27” display models are available for product reviews; for further information, or to request a device for test / review, please contact the local press office.



For further information on the new range of displays, visit the dedicated page on the NEC Display Solutions website: https://www.nec-display-solutions.com/p/uk/en/Launch.xhtml?id=Generation27DT

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