• Wednesday , 22 September 2021

About AVNews

What is AV News?

AV News is Europe’s leading AV/IT trade publication. Published in print in UK and digital format globally twice a month, AV News is the only, dedicated channel communications medium focussing exclusively on AV professionals engaged in installing, reselling, integrating, distributing, developing and manufacturing audio-visual solutions.

With a set of technologies and applications as diverse as those offered by the AV industry, identifying end-users at the right point in the purchasing process has proved to be impossible for vendors or distributors working at arms’ length. For this reason, vendors and distributors depend on an army of resellers, distributors and consultants with relationships with end-user organisations, with a close understanding of their organisations and technology needs.

These trusted advisors and technology specialists are AV News’ readers.

About Blue and Green Ltd

AV News is published by Blue and Green Ltd. Blue and Green is a publisher and service provider specialising in the information, communications and entertainment technology markets. With print and interactive magazines, video channels, web sites and social media, Blue and Green has developed a range of media and services to carry your message to its intended recipients, whether they are professionals in technology distribution channels or B2B end-users.

Blue and Green’s media can help drive your channel marketing strategy, generate sales leads, educate your prospective buyers and to communicate with your business partners. Blue and Green specialises in tailoring custom communications programmes that achieve your objectives.