• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

AirTies launch Air 4420 to enable completely wireless home network

The new Air 4420 allows consumers to link up their TVs, games consoles, PCs and other mobile devices to the Internet in order to share pictures, videos and files safely and seamlessly at just the push of a button.

The Air 4420 wireless devices are installed in pairs, one connected to the IP Gateway and the other to the IPTV set top-box or the Ethernet port of a network enabled TV or Player and – at the press of a button – the two will wirelessly connect the TV or the Player to the Internet as well as into your home network without needing to run cables.  For homes with multiple TVs in upstairs rooms, wireless repeaters can be added to extend the wireless range and their settings will be automatically propagated to all network devices using AirTies’ wireless Mesh Technology. 

The Air 4420 operates at 5GHz frequency, offering 22 channels for interference-free, high-speed 300Mbps wireless networking, allowing users to watch High Definition video, listen to music or view photos at high speeds.  Link reliability technology guarantees zero packet loss and with AirTies Dynamic Channel Change technology, the device continually monitors for the best channel to deliver the highest quality of service for wireless video or Web TV viewing.

Priced between £79.99 and £89.99.

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