• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Asheridge proffer their new HDMI and DVI test and diagnosis tool

Asheridge Communications Ltd. have introduced the QD 780 from Quantum, the first and only hand held portable HDMI and DVI test and diagnosis tool on the market.

The QD 780 can test all aspects of the system; prove that the set top box is functioning correctly, show mow many downstream HDMI devices it can support, accurately test interconnect cables to prove they can carry the HD signal correctly, test AV receivers to ensure they meet the HD or 3D spec, and check the TV is operating and determine its optimum settings for HD. Even after all of these tests, if you are still unable to determine the source of the problem, then the 780 can analyse all of the components working together as a system to show any possible incompatibilities.  All data can be saved on the device and used at a later time.

It can also utilise it’s built in test patterns, so that the customers screen can be set up to give the optimum picture in terms of colour, brightness and contrast.

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