• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

AV Display Innovation of the Year 2021



Almost all large format displays are similar in shape and size, like traditional TVs. Anyone who has been near, or grown up with TVs has learned to not touch them. CTOUCH’ patent-pending ‘CTOUCHABLE’ design invites the user to touch the screen and interact:

  1. Sturdy rubber edge with appealing colors. Each colour has its own purpose.
  2. Implementation of soft textile that invites touch.
  3. Interactive touchbar with control functions (CTOUCH button – Mute button – Volume slider)

This design system helps teams build high-quality touch experiences for large, interactive displays, as opposed to traditional ‘not-allowed-to-touch’ TVs. That way, we stimulate engagement by design from three perspectives: from a far distance, from an intimate distance and into the digital space. https://ctouch.eu/ctouchable

  1. Innovation – World’s first implementation of textiles on touchscreens in IFPD market, with functionality by design.
  2. Engagement – stimulates engagement and interactivity.
  3. Design – amazing design with intentional colour choices.
  4. Functional – slide bar and menu buttons all integrated
  5. Character – fits into variety of meetingrooms and markets