• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

AV News Display Advertising Rates

About AV News

AV News has worked with some of the largest AV brands in the world, namely Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Sharp, Shure, TechData, Exertis, Logitech, Canon, Philips. NEC, and Crestron to name a dozen among a hundred and twenty or so. But our client list isn’t just a catalogue of the great and the good – we continue to work with up-and-coming brands in emerging markets like virtual and augmented reality.

AV News key facts

AV News is a unique resource in Europe, bring the only monthly, trade-only resource in existence
AV News has a worldwide audience of up to 18000 pro AV readers, with a focus on EMEA
455.000 readers have downloaded issues of AV News from the digital archive
AV News offers a mix of news, features and – uniquely – reviews of AV products and solutions

AV News in Numbers:

Downloads from Yudu.com:

Website (avnews.co.uk):
Average visits for the last 30 days: 30,000 – 40,000

Social media followers:
LinkedIn: 2,400
Facebook: 12,480
Twitter: 1,749

TOTAL 16,629

Display Advertising Rates

Print Advertising (prices ex VAT per insertion)

Full page £1,200 ex VAT

Double page spread £2,250 ex VAT

Junior A4 page £960 ex VAT

Half page vertical £85 ex VAT

Half page horizontal £850 ex VAT

Solus Standard Strip £600 ex VAT

Solus Cover Strip £800 ex VAT

Production Guide

For specifications and a guide to advertisement production please refer to the AV News Advertisement Production Guide.