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AV News Production Guide

Display Advertising Specifications 2020


Full page
Type area: 266 mm(w) x 366 mm(h)
Trim: 290 mm(w) x 390 mm (h)
Bleed: 296 mm (w) x 396 mm (h)

Double page spread
Type: 566 mm (w) x 366 mm (h)
Trim: 580 mm (w) x 390 mm (h)
Bleed: 586 mm (w) x 396 mm (h)
NB – for DPS artwork please allow 10 mm overlap between the pages in the gutter. Please supply the
pages as 2 separate PDFs

Junior A4 page
210 mm (w) x 297 mm (H)
No bleed possible
Half page horizontal
266 mm (w) x 170 mm (h)
No bleed possible
Half page vertical
130 mm (w) x 346 mm (h)
No bleed possible
Standard page strip
266 mm (w) x 70 mm (h)
No bleed possible

Production Notes

AV News accepts advertising copy only as a
high-resolution PDF file, created using AV News’ settings for Adobe Acrobat Distiller which are as follows:
█ Fonts: All fonts to be embedded (100% subset)
█ Colour space: CMYK
█ Colour profiles: No ICC profiles to be embedded
█ Image resolution: 300 dpi (minimum 180 dpi)
█ Please allow 3 mm bleed on all sides of full-page bleed advertisements
█ Crop marks to be included

Advertisement PDFs should be sent to:
Please indicate the magazine title and the issue date in the name of the attachment, together with the name of the client – e.g.

Tel: 07973 970432

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