• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

AV Project of the Year (Commercial)

Nominee: HYPERVSN x Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland x Avantage HYPERVSN

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and TMI Agency was launching the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar flavour and decided to employ HYPERVSN Slots and HYPERVSN Solo L for the campaign called #bestcokeever. HYPERVSN devices were installed at the Zurich Main Station by the HYPERVSN Authorised Reseller Avantage. When playing the holographic slot-machine people got a chance to win various prizes including a bottle of the new Coke.

The campaign lasted for two weeks and expanded across 5 shopping malls, 45 sampling locations and 150 in-store activations. In total around 18k people played the HYPERVSN Slots and around 150k product samples were handed out.

  1. This is the first time Coca-Cola has relied on the interactive holographic solutions to engage with the customers and add the gamification element to the product sample handouts.
  2. HYPERVSN Solo L and Slots were installed at Zürich Main Station and across 5 malls in the country for two weeks from July to August 2021 by HYPERVSN Authorised Reseller Avantage together with TMI Agency.
  3. 17,500 people played the HYPERVSN Slots at the Zurich Main Station and across all the locations, around 150k product samples were handed out within two weeks.

4.150 in-store activations, 5 shopping malls and 45 sampling locations were set up for the #bestcokeever campaign all across Zurich. 108 promoters were hired who worked for 954 hours. The news about the campaign reached 2.1mln households via Migros Magazine.

  1. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and TMI Agency were extremely happy with the campaign results and they are already planning a new one for the coming Christmas.


Nominee: GENELEC

Supercell are renowned for their popular mobile games including the genre defining ‘Clash of Clans. They wanted their new headquarters to be as ground-breaking as the games they create.

The Supercell project is a collection of amazing spaces, you have to see the video to appreciate how unusual it is. The audio element is enormous, involving the integration of nearly 500 Genelec loudspeakers throughout the Finnish company’s HQ in Helsinki. Genelec’s Smart IP technology was invaluable, underpinning the entire project by delivering the highest quality audio. Genelec made life easy throughout every stage of the process.

  1. High fidelity, studio quality audio adapted to t various areas including meeting rooms, the gym, foyers, and cafes.
  2. All loudspeakers are manufactured to extremely high environmental standards, and speakers were recycled from the previous building where possible.
  3. Smart IP and Voice Lift technology greatly enhances the conferencing experience and team meeting rooms.
  4. Supercell is one of the largest installations ever of powered networked loudspeakers.
  5. Flexible mounting options and the extensive RAL colour range means that loudspeakers t seamlessly into their environments.

Nominee: Genee Care Solution 

During COVID-19, care homes were hit extremely hard; they were unable to contact or see their families in the same way as the rest of the UK.

Genee have developed a flexible touch screen solution for care, residential and nursing homes. The G-Touch Care Solution allows residents to view videos, TV shows and set up video conferencing with family & friends.

Residents can participate in activities whilst sat at the interactive touchscreen table and can be used by staff for training or inter-care home video conferencing. The solution includes software that helps residents with health issues, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  1. Helped care homes bridge the gap between families during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as multitouch capabilities allowing multiple residents to use the screen at the same time.
  2. Allows more activities for residents. The Genee G-Touch Care Solution has a multitude of applications with a huge range of topics, including jigsaws, number games, and even specialist Apps for Dementia, thus helping with cognitive skills including thinking, memory and reasoning. There is also an option for residents to download specific apps and games.
  3. Simple user interface from switch on enabling use by anyone without any IT skills.
  4. The solution was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic for the new demands care homes faced and delivered within weeks to care homes across the country. The solution has been developed and now is the only true all in one interactive solution for care homes combining hardware and software to provide a truly integrated solution.
  5. Built with residents and staff in mind. The Care home solution comes with a High Low Flip Table allowing users to adjust the height depending on their needs and wants. Users can also flip the touchscreen horizontally allowing more users to utilise the touchscreen at the same time.

Nominee: Brightsign Talisman Perfume Collection

BrightSign launched the Talisman perfume collection, into a new market at House of Rituals, and to mark the brand’s 20th anniversary, First Impression built a display around the innovative use of ‘visual light communication’ controlled by BrightSign players. Once a perfume is selected based on the customer’s inputs on an iPad, an LED light underneath the bottle is illuminated. If the customer picks up the glass pipette from the perfume bottle, a video plays describing the perfume. A fully custom skin around the BrightSign players allows them to interact smoothly with the iPads, and the application delivers valuable marketing data.

  1. The Talisman collection combines light and scent to make House of Rituals an in-store experience like no other. Customers enter the basic perfume ingredients that they like (The Fresh, The Florals, The Sensuals, The Woods, The Orientals) and the application illuminates LED lights under all the bottles of perfumes aligned with this scent.
  2. To create the display, First Impression built a bespoke bridge between two different programming worlds. A development team of six programmers created a fully custom skin around the BrightSign players, allowing the players (running BrightSign OS) to interact smoothly with the iPads (running iOS). This innovation extends BrightSign players beyond their normal functionality.
  3. Alongside creating an exceptional customer experience, the application delivers valuable purchasing data to Rituals. The display can connect the options showcased to the customer with what they eventually purchased and can even show metrics on most popular times and hours of sales.
  4. First Impression has offered House of Rituals a flexible, easy to access approach to managing their in-store brand experience through a custom store control system and App. At the click of a button, content delivered by the screens can be changed for the new season, or for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
  5. House of Rituals runs on a store management system. First Impression created a custom plug-in to allow the BrightSign application to extract data. As a result, the screens automatically reflect store opening times and can also be powered down altogether. The application also draws on the data to ensure that the customer is only offered lines that are available in store on that specific day. Video Link: https://player.vimeo.com/video/496847795

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