• Saturday , 23 October 2021

AV Project of the Year (Commercial) 2021

At The Top,Burj Khalifa

‘At The Top’ is a spectacular attraction where visitors to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai can experience a glass floor cracking beneath their feet 456m above the street on the 125thfloor of the building. DigiComm and BrightSign created an interactive simulation using motion sensors, floor mounted OLED screens and amazing CGI images to offer brave visitors an unforgettable experience at the world-famous skyscraper. By synching sensors with visual and audio effects within the BrightSign player, the attraction gives the appearance of glass cracking at the exact time a person’s foot lands on a given area of the screen.

  • The screens display a highly realistic visual animation of the city 456m below, which changes according to the time of day and season, scheduled, and controlled by the BrightSign players, linked to 15 Nexmosphere XDW-M44 motion sensors.
  • Because the bridge wasn’t made from clear glass, the “view” of the city below had to be designed to accurately represent the time of day, weather and other environmental factors using 3,000 still images from the top of the Burj Khalifa stitched together with animations added with CGI.
  • The Nexmosphere sensors capture visitors’ movements and trigger the BrightSign players to generate the sound and visual effect of cracking glass, combining high resolution CGI graphics with synchronized audio.
  • The motion sensors track the activity of around 10,000 visitors per day.
  • The BrightSign players are deployed and left to run 24-hours a day with minimal management.

Testimonials and references

  • Writing for The Business Insider, Dubai’s top newspaper, Harrison Jacobs said “Probably the coolest part of the exhibition room is a touchscreen floor overlaid with an aerial view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai. It’s surprisingly vertigo-inducing. It looks very real.”
  • “The glass floor has really added a new dimension to the At the Top experience for the visitors. It’s very realistic. Some people think it’s real and feel frightened,” says Abdul Bakhrani, CEO of Dubai-based digital media studio and systems integrator DigiComm. “There are a number of high-tech attractions that together make a visit to Burj Khalifa truly unforgettable. This is a world-class venue, so it’s essential that everything that’s done adds to the exhilaration of being there, and it’s certainly been achieved with the glass floor.”