• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

AV Project of the Year (Education)

Nominee: Sunderland College Igloo Cylinder Igloo vision

Sunderland College was looking to install an immersive environment to enhance teaching and learning, so turned to Igloo Vision’s expertise.

We installed a fully immersive 360° 7-metre cylinder with full projection, equipped with our Immersive Media Player and Enterprise software package. The space was acoustically treated to reduce noise transfer between classrooms as well as containing a movable podium for system control, which can be placed inside or outside the cylinder.

It’s being used to train students safely and efficiently in real-world work environments, to obtain the experience of working in simulated real- world settings and to enrich educational experience.

  1. The cylinder allows Sunderland College teachers to innovate their practice and provide better experiences for students at the college, improving participation and retention.
  2. The space has enabled Sunderland College to attract potential students to new T Level courses, alongside increasing student numbers, showing the college’s commitment to digital strategy and digital literacy.
  3. Alongside improving student aspirations by providing an interactive space that incentivises and motivates the students, the cylinder offers a place for better work experience placements and for local employers to partner with the college on vocational courses.

    With a 360° cylinder and full-floor projection, the space is truly immersive and takes educational environments to the next level by transporting students to real-world settings for training and experience, on construction sites, in hospitals, around offshore wind farms, and many more.

  4. The cylinder enables Sunderland College to improve communication and cross-site interaction between different departments and local colleges, creating a whole new paradigm of teaching skills and allowing students to draw on the best examples of whatever they are learning – no matter where they are located.

Nominee: Burnley College Digital Transformation, BenQ UK with Roche System Integration

Burnley College has transformed the teaching and learning experience for A Level students through investment in digital and interactive technologies to enable collaboration and create engaging and interactive learning.

Finding the perfect front-of-classroom technology was essential, so the team worked with integrator Roche System Integration and manufacturer BenQ on an ambitious AV rollout of 74 interactive at panel displays, one for every learning space. These integrate seamlessly into the Google ecosystem and provide teachers with a consistent experience in every classroom, with an Account Management System (AMS) enabling instant access via the Cloud to documents from their drives.

  1. The long-standing partnership between BenQ and Burnley College has seen a range of different installations over the years. This has enabled Burnley College to upscale its technology offering as the campus grows, with ease and confidence. As BenQ devices are agnostic, they are able to offer integration into the existing ecosystem, proving vital during the pandemic for utilising Google Classroom. BenQ devices also provide cross-platform integration with legacy software and devices.

2, The BenQ IFPs are designed for seamless integration with the Google Workspace. Teachers can instantly access their documents and teaching materials from the Google Drive directly from the display via the Cloud or BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS). This means classes can be run without needing another device and documents can be annotated or amended anytime, anywhere.

  1. BenQ’s built-in ClassroomCare+ Smart Eye- Care technology contributes to student wellbeing by minimising blue light exposure and providing a flicker-free image, helping to aid concentration and reduce any feelings of fatigue after prolonged screen exposure.
  2. BenQ’s DMS (Device Management Solution) provides Burnley College with a management solution that means IT staff can troubleshoot and remedy displays remotely, allowing IT teams to deliver updates for new online features to each display from a remote central location, reducing in- person contact and saving valuable time for the IT department.
  3. Beyond the installation, BenQ has worked with Burnley College to provide ongoing maintenance, aftercare and training for the teaching teams to maximise the success of device adoption and ensure the whole system continues to be utilised effectively across the campus.

Nominee: HYPERVSN at Tartu University Hospital

HYPERVSN’s partner in Estonia, KNM Eesti, helped Tartu University Hospital reduce the fear and pain levels experienced by children by 95% during their medical procedures. 3D holographic visuals of cartoon characters were shown on HYPERVSN Solo L in the neurology department’s procedure room and 51 children with 28 different diagnoses participated in the research.

In this project HYPERVSN holographic technology was used as distraction technique, to help patients with fear and pain. HYPERVSN device displayed 31 different 3D animations (cartoon characters, magical forests, easter bunnies, etc) designed to captivate the viewers and reduce fear and pain during medical procedures.

  1. The results showed that after looking at the 3D visuals children’s pain levels were reduced by 95%. 51 children with 28 different diagnoses participated in the study, and their pain levels were assessed by the nurses with the FLACC pain scale, before and after looking at the 3D visuals.
  2. 3D visuals significantly reduced not only children’s fear and pain levels, but also increased the work efficiency of the doctors and nurses: kids were now sitting still and medical staff didn’t have to deal with their panicking – as a result, they can attend to more patients daily.
  3. HYPERVSN single display units displaying Holographic 3D animations of cartoon characters, positively impacted the children at this hospital, and could be used more widely in healthcare. After the successful study at the Tartu University Hospital, the holographic devices are now used in procedure and operations rooms in six of the largest hospitals in Tallinn, Tartu and Parnu and there’s more interest coming in from other medical facilities across the country.
  4. As a result of this study, both doctors, nurses, parents and children can claim that HYPERVSN holographic devices can reduce or lead to a complete lack of awareness of fear when carrying out medical procedures. This could change the industry.
  5. This story generated a lot of great press including the key Estonian daily newspapers and numerous international AV and Digital Signage focused magazines.

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