• Thursday , 21 October 2021

AVMI launch new Veteran Programme


Reports from the CTP (Career Transition Partnership) show that more than 14,000 armed veterans enter the civilian job market yearly and with the help of the CTP around 85% find work within six months. Despite these incredible figures, homeless charities have reported that over 7,000 ex-military personnel are homeless. This begs the question as to how the AV industry can help veterans, contribute to the civilian job market and stop them living on the street.

Most veterans have been trained in specialist fields and can serve as engineers, IT managers, project managers, technicians, communication experts, facilities managers, trainers and operations managers. As a result of their training, they possess skills like the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team and can adapt and learn quickly.

Spotting a skills shortage in the industry, Justin Paveley, a former paratrooper who has grown his career from a novice to an expert engineer leading projects across the UK and Europe for AVMI, decided to use his story and lessons learned to help and inspire other veterans who struggle with getting jobs in the civilian market.

Getting military veterans to embrace civilian lifestyle can be a daunting task. However, when you give a veteran a purpose, integration into a system becomes achievable. One of the ways to do this is to provide veterans with civilian jobs in areas they could apply the skills they acquired during their military service.” – Justin Paveley | Engineering Director | AVMI

Justin is doing this is through the AVMI Veterans Programme that kicked-off on the 2nd January 2019. AVMI are uniquely placed to be able to support a programme of this nature, having many experienced veterans from the Army, Air Force and Navy in the company will help ensure the programme succeeds.

The AVMI Veterans Programme will last 52 weeks, veterans will be provided a full engineering tool kit and will begin their CTS training on day two. Veterans will also be able to participate in manufacturer training sessions to help support their knowledge and understanding of the industry. After the completion of the programme, veterans will begin their career at AVMI as either Project or Service Engineers.

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