• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

AVSolution complete installation at school for the visually impaired

AVSolution announced the completion of an installation at Linden Lodge, which provides specialist support for children with multi-disabled visual impairments (MDVI). High profile supporters and sponsors of the school attended a prestigious opening ceremony to see the new learning space and its specialist equipment which was demonstrated by the school’s attendees.

The school, located in Wimbledon in South West London, is led by executive principal Roger Legate OBE, a senior management team and governors, who over the last 11 years have been visionary in meeting the needs of children with complex sensory and physical needs.

It secured specialist status as a sensory / physical school from the Department for Education (DFE) in 2009 following its setting of targets for maximising the life chances, education and experiences of children in the school, local community and MDVI partner schools.

Over the space of a year, AVSolution worked closely with Linden Lodge and its teachers to ensure that the state of the art visual technology installed met the high teaching standards of the school.

This included the installation of a large format high definition video projector (Sanyo 15000 ANSI XGA) and electronically operated screen for presentations and communal learning. The system needed to meet the input requirement of multi device support. This meant accommodating a variety of sources which ranged from Laptops and Blu-Ray players as well as standard DVD and CD-ROM media.

Further was the necessity for integration with specialist sensory stimulation systems to ensure the children’s specialist learning requirements was upheld. Finally a superior sound system which incorporated wireless microphones and high fidelity 5.1 surround sound was installed.

AVSolution also provided post-installation training to ensure users and support personnel were able to use the systems. This meant instruction on how to operate the AV systems and explaining how the AV equipment integrates with the specialist sensory systems. For support personnel, further training in how the sensory equipment can be controlled via the wall mounted touchpads was necessary.

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