• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Big data meets digital signage!

Alberto Herrero

DENEVA is a Digital Signage content management software from the Spanish company ICON Multimedia. It is a comprehensive solution that allows the automation and management of multimedia content for a full network of multiple display points within a Digital Signage environment. Rita Balestrazzi talks to Alberto Herrero, DENEVA International Business Manager at DENEVA.

The great potential of DENEVA is its total adaptability to the needs of each customer, in addition to incorporating sophisticated systems of Big Data and Machine Learning that allow us to provide intelligence to our solutions, becoming an essential tool to implement great marketing strategies, as well as to promote an innovative brand image.

Behind this platform, there is a great human team located in Spain, Mexico and Colombia. Moreover, we provide a 24/7 customer service, supporting our customers in any stage of their project, always guaranteeing its success.

AVN: You have a long-standing global partnership with worldwide display manufacturer, Vestel Visual Solutions. How did it start? Why are you a good match, and together, what can you offer EMEA and other global markets?

The partnership between DENEVA and Vestel Group is a result of several years of collaboration and proven success. It comes from the need to integrate our Digital Signage solution and all its functionalities with their SoC (System on Chip) technology, in order to meet the needs of our customers, backed by a guarantee of uninterrupted operation.

Based on the brand image legacy of Vestel, and the experience of more than 27 years in international development, innovation and adaptability of DENEVA solutions, the two companies are jointly drawing up growth plans for the European Digital Signage market. An example of this is the approach of several projects for large corporations in the retail and QSR sectors that we are carrying out with great success, and which we hope to replicate in other continents.

AVN: Vestel has recently introduced a DENEVA-approved SoC technology solution. Why is this important? What additional value can it bring to projects?

With this milestone, DENEVA has become the only Digital Signage software fully integrated with SoC from Vestel. This means greater profitability, since it allows the customer to save on external player costs and a much more affordable post-sale maintenance, both technically and economically. A cutting edge solution that features renowned hardware, powerful and competitive devices, and ultra-powerful software with multiple functionalities, capable of adapting to the requirements of each sector.

AVN: The SoC-powered range of Vestel displays are approved for compatibility with your Safe & Tech solution. What does this mean? How does the solution work, and for which applications? What technologies are involved?

Safe & Tech solutions is a new range of Smart Tech solutions that we have launched to ensure health and safety against COVID-19. We have adapted our software offering different modules of greater utility for different sectors. In this way, it is possible to integrate into a DENEVA Digital Signage system a capacity control solution, with the aim of knowing the occupation of the establishment in real time, or a biometric system for facial or body recognition, capable of alerting if any user does not respect the established health regulations such as the use of masks or social distance.

All these solutions combine the latest technology in Digital Signage with advanced systems of Artificial Intelligence (AI), audience measurement and Big Data, allowing the extraction of very relevant information that can be applicable for the elaboration of commercial and marketing strategies.

Safe & Tech solutions are also compatible with SoC from Vestel. With a great advantage: the combination of hardware and software can be easily reusable for other Digital Signage functionalities, once these applications are no longer useful (we all hope that this situation can happen soon, as it will mean the end of the pandemic).

AVN:What is your international strategy for 2021? How do you see your relationship with Vestel evolving on an international level?

We would like to continue to strengthen our partnership on an ongoing basis. The DENEVA-Vestel tandem is strategically powerful to continue addressing projects at European level. However, in 2021 we want to take more steps. On the one hand, in DENEVA we have already established an experienced sales and product management team in countries such as Mexico or Colombia. For this reason, we would like to continue working with Vestel, with the aim of reaching key markets in LATAM. And, on the other hand, at a more technical level, we are in negotiations to implement pre-installed DENEVA licenses in Vestel equipment, in which the customer can activate them at any time. These are two ambitious objectives, but we know that they will be a guarantee of success.

AVN: What exciting new developments can we expect to see from DENEVA? What are your opportunities for growth?

One of the trends we will see in 2021 will be the management of Digital Signage content through mobile devices. These solutions are already incorporated in our portfolio of DENEVA modules, but we have expanded with other functionalities and we are confident that new development opportunities will follow that direction. Mirroring systems or content management in real time through the capture of QR codes are some of our new solutions that, as well as enabling much more personalised sales assistance, also avoid tactility, an important factor to prevent any type of contagion.

But, of course, these developments are not possible without the help of our network of integrators, as well as different manufacturers such as Vestel. It is fundamental to continue generating synergies that will materialize in successful projects.

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