• Thursday , 21 October 2021

Bittree Launches New SC-to-SC Fiber Optic Coupler Panel

Making its debut at the 2011 NAB show, Bittree’s new coupler panel is the first to provide 1×24 density in a single rack unit; the previous maximum density available in a fiber coupler was 1×16. The coupler is ideal for use in machine rooms as a demarcation point for fiber optic tie lines and fiber runs to production equipment. Redirecting a signal to add an additional piece of equipment, or on-the-fly patching around failed equipment, is as simple as changing the position of a patchcord. By placing connections on the front of the rack, the coupler provides access to back-of-the-box connectors that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Available in many configurations, the SC-to-SC fiber optic coupler features a unique design based upon new slim-line inserts. The panel comes standard with silk-screened numbers, but permanent designation strips are also available. The system uses off-the-shelf patch cables to facilitate rapid and easy equipment connections.

“Fiber is becoming increasingly important in production environments due to its flexibility, lower cost, and ability to transport high-quality signals over long distances. Our new coupler panel provides a simple yet powerful solution for customers who want to link new equipment into their operations using fiber, without having to build out an elaborate fiber cable infrastructure,” said Mike Buchanan, vice president, Bittree. “Examples might be operations that need easy access to interconnected, rented production gear, or interconnecting machine rooms across different buildings.”

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