• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Bose Professional on show at Juventus

Juventus Football Club’ Allianz Stadium has selected Bose Professional premium quality sound to enhance the total fan experience using a ArenaMatch DeltaQ solution.

Juventus Football Club’ Allianz Stadium has selected Bose Professional premium quality sound to enhance the total fan experience using a ArenaMatch DeltaQ solution. Opened in 2011, and located in Turin, the Allianz Stadium is home of the Juventus FC soccer team and hosts more than 41,500 spectators within its facility. Recently the stadium upgraded the audio solution to improve vocal intelligibility while adding dimension to the light shows, music and special effects. The result guarantees the best game-day audio experience throughout the stands – no matter where you are seated.

The Bose solution consists of ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers, PowerMatch amplifiers, with a ControlSpace EX digital signal processor, running on a Dante audio network. The DeltaQ technology and the Bose Modeler software made it possible to accurately define the loudspeaker structure and quantity of the clusters needed to guarantee the best acoustic coverage and full-range sound uniformity. To ensure system redundancy and guarantee the experience keeps moving no matter what, the Dante network and its analogue backup supports four separate ArenaMatch clusters – individually consisting of four ArenaMatch loudspeakers and a PowerMatch amplifier – ensuring the system never experiences a loss in audio.

“We are so proud to be partnering with a world-class team like the Juventus Football Club,” stated Akira Mochimaru, general manager of Bose Professional. “We understand the power of sound to motivate and inspire people. And we know the Bose solution will provide the quality audio expected by players and fans alike, year after year.”

“Since the day of its inauguration, the Allianz Stadium has been distinguished for being a state-of-the-art facility, able to offer the public a unique show and over the years several upgrades have been made to make the fan experience even more special,” said Giorgio Ricci, chief revenue officer for Juventus Football Club. “Now, thanks to the partnership with Bose Professional – a global leader in the acoustics industry – a further step forward has been taken and Allianz Stadium now reaches a high level of quality in another fundamental component of entertainment with its audio system.”

“We are honoured that a soccer organization like Juventus has selected Bose to upgrade the stadium’s sound system,” stated Hans Vereecken, sales manager, EMEA at Bose Professional. “The football club’s goal was to offer fans a truly unique experience – enhancing the visual effects with premium audio. The DeltaQ ArenaMatch audio solution elevates the whole soccer experience by delivering consistent, powerful sound combined with crystal-clear voice intelligibility.”

“The Allianz Stadium is a year-round entertainment centre, committed to providing a memorable experience beyond a simple football match,” stated Francesco Gianello, stadium manager for Allianz Stadium. “As a world-class stadium we needed a system capable of providing consistent high performance for both vocal intelligibility and audio entertainment. We got that with Bose.”

The ArenaMatch loudspeaker clusters were installed by system integrator Spectra S.r.l.; DSP programming of the audio solution was designed and implemented by Immagine del Suono; and system control and monitoring was designed by PBS.

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