• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Boxlight rollout of Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens

Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL) has announced one of the largest school districts in Texas has completed its phase one rollout of Clevertouch interactive touchscreens. Boxlight won the three-year contract with its multi award-winning Clevertouch IMPACT touchscreen along with its accompanying software, LYNX Whiteboard and Clevershare.

The initial rollout within the Texas school district included the installation of 615 front of classroom interactive touchscreen displays, encompassing 40 campuses serving 25,000 students and 2,500 faculty members. The initial phase for 615 IMPACT Clevertouch touchscreens will be closely followed up by a second order for a further 1,200 IMPACT touchscreens in 2021 with an overall total of 3,000 Clevertouch touchscreens to be installed by early 2022. The contract will generate approximately $5,000,000 in revenue over the three-year term. With phase one now complete, teachers are now eagerly awaiting their IMPACT touchscreens.

Boxlight continues to support the Texas district with its Clevertouch solutions as it incorporates technology to improve their student learning environments.

“Working with the School District in Texas has been brilliant as they were very clear on the requirements of the new technology coming in,” says Daniel Morris, Clevertouch Texas Sales Manager. “We were chosen over all other touchscreen brands because our IMPACT touchscreen met the challenges of improving learning outcomes, needs of teachers, students and IT requirements. We’re proud to be their chosen touchscreen partner with IMPACT.”

About Clevertouch IMPACT

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the digital and conventional classroom alike, the Clevertouch IMPACT series is more than just an interactive touchscreen, it delivers a truly intuitive and collaborative experience. Filled with features to support teaching and learning your way, Clevertouch IMPACT offers the solution needed to add value to your lessons and free teachers from the constraints of restrictive, traditional technology.

Sizes available:





Practical differentiation:

Teachers and students are more connected than ever, with easy-to-use mirroring and touch-back on up to 50 devices at any one time. Use split screen mode to show the work of 4 students at once. The teacher can use their mobile device to control their Clevertouch, giving them freedom of front of class instruction while enabling effective individual, small group and peer learning to help close the attainment gap.


Express connectivity:

Elevated connectivity allows you to share content with Android, iOS, Windows and Chrome devices. As expected, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a slot-in PC option ensures your connectivity is covered. Including 4GB RAM, extensive storage for those non-cloud needs, Gigabit LAN integration, 4K User Interface, OTA Updates and Remote Management – just some of the features of thisproduct.


Teachers can concentrate on teaching:

With mobile device management (MDM) and over the-air updates (OTA), the update of software, apps, firmware, and troubleshooting is all controlled remotely by your IT department, leaving teachers free to teach.

Integrate effortlessly:

With Clevertouch, teachers are not limited to one type of presentation suite, software provider, platform or

  1. Teachers are free to use existing resources – and convert old resources tied to other providers – easilyand quickly. Teachers can also switch seamlessly between Android and PC modes and continue using existing services such as Google Classroom or Microsoft packages effortlessly within your Clevertouch suite.


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