• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Brightsign and AVR deliver digital signage control by iPad

Brightsign announced this week that AVR’s new TheSolution product features the BrightSign HD1010 Interactive digital media player wirelessly controlled by an iPad. The complete bundle also includes a router and an iPad loaded with AVR’s proprietary remote control software. With TheSolution, the iPad Multi-Touch screen can be used to select, play, pause, resume and reset videos and graphics on the BrightSign player from virtually anywhere.

The BrightSign HD1010 is a versatile, expandable media player with a very low profile that enables users to tuck it out of sight. It is ideal not only for digital signage, the form in which it is most renowned, but now also for trade show and hotel lobby presentations, corporate meetings and video kiosk applications. The PC-less platform has no moving parts to fail which makes it easy to deploy, reliable and cheap to run.

In addition to easy updates using an SD card, the BrightSign HD1010 is network-enabled to deliver updates remotely and to synchronize multiple units for applications such as video walls, live video and RSS feeds.

It also comes with BrightAuthor, which allows users to design full-screen or multi-zone layouts using the application’s preset screen layout templates and custom layout tools or they can create their own. Interactive playlists and day-parting can be added using the graphical interface, which eliminates the need to use text files and commands. The software also makes it simple to add triggers or buttons on touch screens to initiate the playback of image, video or sound content files within playlists.

Available In quantities of one to five, or 25 to 50, TheSolution rental pricing can be as low as $200 per system for typical weekly rental cycles. The complete package includes a BrightSign HD1010 media player, a router and
an iPad loaded with AVR’s proprietary remote control software. The iPad display can be customized with a company logo and graphics. AVR’s software can also be used with Apple’s iPod Touch.

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