• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Building long term value into IFPDs

Over the past decade, AV and IT have become increasingly converged, with traditional display peripherals, like interactive screens, evolving to become the connected hub of the modern classroom. While the focus has traditionally been on the ‘feeds and speeds’, with the number of HDMI ports, USB connections and countless other tech specs dominating the conversation, the real sales success comes in moving away from the hardware in isolation, to examine the longer-term value-add proposition.

This is especially true when selling interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) to schools. On the face of it, one IFPD may look broadly comparable to another when reviewing the technical specification. Schools might think that all IFPDs are equal if they conduct an evaluation based exclusively on factors such as screen size, number of touch points and Wi-Fi capability, for example.

The same is true when deciding which IFPDs to include in a product portfolio. Unlike many other areas of AV/IT, in the IFPD market the hardware is not the ultimate differentiator. It is the service provided by the manufacturer. This could be to generate end user demand, deliver demonstration support or offer free training. The key to competitive advantage is to partner with a manufacturer that understands the unique needs of the education market and aligns its service and support to meet these effectively.

Building long term value

For 20+ years, Promethean has been developing edtech solutions which give teachers digital tools to enhance the learning experience for students. This means over two decades have been spent developing understanding of the technology that will best meet evolving needs, but more crucially – the support that schools place a high value on.

Building on this longstanding commitment to the education market, Promethean has established an extensive pre- and post-sales service offering that gives schools confidence in making the right initial hardware investment.

When specifying the Promethean ActivPanel, schools know that manufacturer support extends far beyond technical troubleshooting at the point of installation. Choosing the ActivPanel grants access to a whole suite of value-add support that will help schools make the most of their investment in the long term.

Here are just some of the ways Promethean enables schools to realise maximum value, and maximum educational impact, over the lifetime of an ActivPanel installation.

  • Free orientation training – now available virtually, on-site as well as on-demand, customers are taught about the fundamentals of using the ActivPanel, helping schools to realise value, quickly and easily.
  • Continued investment – from Learn Promethean, the new portal providing access to free online training, through to the SupportDesk – Promethean continually develops its support to meet the needs of schools today.
  • Regular updates – over-the-air updates mean schools benefit from the latest ActivPanel software and firmware enhancements, at no additional cost.
  • Free lesson software – ActivInspire and ClassFlow are supplied free of charge with the ActivPanel, which means schools don’t face a lifetime of annual budgeting to make the most of their initial hardware investment.
  • Leading warranty – a five-year ActivCare on-site warranty gives schools peace of mind that lessons will face minimal disruption in the event of any technical issues.

Partnering for long term success

The ActivPanel represents a strong proposition for schools looking to invest in new IFPDs, which makes it a robust sales pitch for any AV/IT resellers selling into education. However, Promethean has gone beyond this to establish a channel strategy that puts partners central to all operations.

Recognising that an ActivPanel demonstration increases conversion rates, Promethean provides comprehensive demonstration support – delivering this in collaboration with partners, or on their behalf. Building on this demonstration strategy, a demo registration process protects pricing for partners who have generated an opportunity.

Having spent the last 20+ years developing the interactive display market, Promethean is working hard to build on these foundations and help partners to achieve even greater success in the coming decades.

To learn more about the ActivPanel, please visit: www.PrometheanWorld.com/gb/

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