• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

CEDIA gains ECS recognition for installers

cedia logoThe JIB (Joint Industry Board) has approved the introduction of a new ECS Related Discipline card specifically for Home Technology Integrators and also accredited CEDIA as an ECS Health and Safety assessment centre. This ECS recognition will help residential custom installers gain access to construction sites as they will now be able to hold the industry required proof of identification, competence and qualification levels.

“CEDIA is delighted to have worked with the JIB and others to achieve recognition for a specific ECS category of Home Technology Integrators and be recognised as an official Health and Safety accreditation centre for the scheme”, says Wendy Griffiths, Executive Director at CEDIA. “An ECS card plays a critical role for anyone involved in electrotechnical work, seeking to gain entry to a construction site. Without one, it can be a slow, painful and sometimes impossible task for custom installation professionals to access a working project at the times that they need to. Also, if a breach of health and safety occurs on a site involving an installer, then it could open up the company to legal action and punitive costs.”

She added: “The new ECS card solves these problems for custom installers. It’s the sole ID and competence card scheme for anyone working in the electrotechnical field in the UK, and is recognised and endorsed by the construction industry. This is a significant step forward for our industry. It will help and protect businesses in their day to day work, at the same time as bringing wider awareness and credibility for our profession.”

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