• Thursday , 21 October 2021

Clarke joins Northamber

Dan Clarke has joined Northamber as ‘Head of AV Sales’, as the business continues its investment in its AV Business Division. AV News caught up with Dan to find out more about what had prompted the move ….

Dan Clarke has joined Northamber as ‘Head of AV Sales’, as the business continues

“It really was a very simple decision”, said Dan. “Northamber AV has been growing for the last couple of years under the leadership of my previous Sales Director, Peter Dosanjh, now Director of AV at Northamber and Managing Director Alex Phillips. They have been strategically adding vendors and resource throughout the pandemic, to ensure the reseller community have been able to continue to operate seamlessly. This forward thinking approach and the opportunity to be part of this growth is something I just had to be involved in.

I was also impressed that Northamber recognised that many vendors and resellers had to furlough staff and Northamber therefore decided to provide additional support to the channel and actually grow their team. By providing high levels of support to their pro AV & IT reseller partners, from system design through to commissioning, the team have enabled businesses to continue and shown real differentiation from their competitors.

Additionally, they went the extra mile to source and supply high quality, constrained products that have become the ‘new normal’ in this world of lockdown. For example Northamber AV has brought Edis to the UK Market to help solve the huge demand in reliable webcams and headsets to support the massive increase in video calls, triggered by the pandemic. In addition, they supported UK manufacturer One Digital Signage to increase the exposure of their non-touch hand sanitisation digital way finding/safety information messaging displays, which is helpful in any office and retail environment or other public spaces such as hospitals for example.”

“I am delighted that Dan has joined our fast growing team. Having worked with Dan previously, his channel knowledge and excellent relationships with pro AV resellers is going to increase the visibility of Northamber AV. Furthermore, his extensive experience in our industry is the ideal platform to lead our sales team to further growth,” said Peter Dosanjh.

Dan, who has over 15 years’ experience in pro AV, noted that the rest of the Northamber AV team were previous colleagues or had many years’ experience in the AV industry, at reseller, distribution and vendor level, that he had come across as he rose through the ranks from a Tele Sales Agent to AV Sales Manager within some major players in the UK channel.

“Joining an AV team of this calibre and knowing that we are still growing, provides all the elements we need to succeed. I’m excited to be part of this remarkable team and look forward to helping it continue to develop as a pro AV distributor.

One of things I love about the strategy is that Northamber AV has vendors in place that deliver quality AV solutions for amazing value with good reseller margins. Particularly during the pandemic, this approach has been hugely beneficial to end-users that are looking to solve problems but to get real value for money from their investments.

The excellent technical capabilities of the team means that IT and pro AV resellers can get the highest level of pre-sales support for both complex system designs as well as multi-vendor solutions. The team have literally hundreds of years’ experience between them, much of which is available to Northamber AV reseller partners as part of our go to market proposition.

As lockdown starts to ease I’m looking forward to being able to engage more directly with our reseller partners, old and new. I’ll be bringing in industry expert sales people so that we can increase our touch points and provide the best possible service to all our customers. Face to face meetings will enable us to increase our ability to engage up front in opportunities as well demonstrate solutions, proof of concepts and engage more directly in commissioning, installations, training and support. These solutions include connectivity and collaboration products, large format displays, digital signage, projection and Teams enabled devices to address the ‘new normal’ hybrid way of working.

I’m really excited to be leading the AV Sales Team and look forward to continuing the success that Northamber AV has enjoyed to this point.”









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