• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

ClickShare connection options upgraded

Barco’s has updated its ClickShare solution, adding new ways to connect adding to the ClickShare Button – that will become faster thanks to the addition of the Windows driver in July – and the ClickShare Desktop App. Launching the ClickShare Desktop App for PC and Mac was a logical next step to enabling and facilitating content-sharing in all types of meeting spaces. It gives companies the freedom to choose how they allow content to be shared: via the Button, the Desktop App or both.

The experience of sharing with the virtual Button or the Desktop App is no different than sharing with a real ClickShare Button: both have fast connections, don’t require training before use and are intrinsically intuitive. The most powerful and richest collaboration arises when sharing with both the Button and the App together, combining the benefits of both solutions. Users of the ClickShare Desktop App have extra functionalities at their fingertips. They include presence detection and the pause function. On the other hand, the Button offers easy connectivity, for both employees and guests.

The Desktop App is compatible with all current ClickShare models. Microsoft will add a driver package for ClickShare devices to their Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Update from this month onwards.

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