• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

ClickShare content now on iPad/iPhone

The ‘one-click wonder’ now available as app, with a virtual button.
The ‘one-click wonder’ now available as app, with a virtual button.

After Barco added audio features to its ‘one-click wonder’ ClickShare, it is now time for the product to move into the world of tablets and smartphones. With the new ClickShare app users are said to quickly and easily display static content from an iPad or iPhone on the ClickShare central screen. The ClickShare app and the required accompanying software update for the ClickShare Base Unit are available for download, free of charge.

The ClickShare app was first demonstrated at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam. “This first public showing was intended more as a proof of concept rather than a demonstration,” explains Yoav Nir, Business Development Manager Collaboration. “But the reactions were so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to introduce the ClickShare app as soon as we could. People particularly like its user-friendliness and intuitive operation.”

The new ClickShare app provides a virtual button with the same functionality as a physical button, so that users can click in and out of the ClickShare composition on the central screen with all of ClickShare’s ease-of-use. The ClickShare app supports JPEG images and PDF documents, Dropbox accounts and annotation tools, as well as pinch gestures to zoom in and out of content. The app is being developed further, and there are plans to add additional functionality in the future.

iPad users who wish to show dynamic content like video clips, can purchase the ClickShare Link, an optional hardware add-on. The ClickShare Link can be connected between the ClickShare Base Unit and an AppleTV or cable to display iPad content on the central screen. This option uses Airplay mirroring so dynamic content – including video that is not HDCP protected – can be shown. The ClickShare app and ClickShare Link can be used independently or together depending on the user preferences.

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