• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Collaboration Innovation of the Year

Nominee: DTEN

DTEN is changing the way people connect and collaborate through immersive, video-first devices and subscription services. Our solutions are found in businesses, schools, homes and hybrid environments worldwide, delivering intuitive, high- quality and real- life video conference experiences for every meeting space. As a recipient of multiple international awards, DTEN is recognised for plug- and-play simplicity, superior audiovisual clarity, and fluent, elegant designs. DTEN was founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Jose, California; Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an investor.

  1. Powerful Collaboration Tools
    DTEN technology for Zoom powers immersive meeting experiences; our smart camera and advanced audio technology deliver lifelike face-to- face experiences with the added benefit of whiteboarding and sharing documents.
  2. No, IT Required: Our solutions are truly plug and play and can be set up straight from the box in minutes. DTEN devices come with ZoomRooms preloaded and have just one cable (the power supply) required. Just connect to the internet, the software and firmware will update to the latest version and you are ready to go. Manage all devices centrally via Zoom Admin Portal or DTEN’s Orbit portal
  3. Affordable: Our range comes at a price point that means even very small businesses can justify the cost of our solutions. In addition, with our DTEN GO and MATE which has a list price of £1,149, companies can utilise their existing screens to create a collaborative touchscreen.
  4. Designed for any workspace: Our DTEN range provides users with a full suite of tools that fit perfectly in almost any workspace. From home offices to huddle spaces and up to boardroom scenarios, with the same ease of use and quality of audio and video.
  5. Reliable, Professional Experiences: DTEN removes all the cables, components and complexity from meeting room solutions. So, you can say goodbye to the familiar experience where you have trouble starting your meeting because the last user unplugged a cable or changed the input on a screen. Just simple, reliable, one touch meetings every time. The Audio & Video AI in DTEN devices does all the smart work to ensure you have a professional grade meeting every time. Adaptable to different meeting types and various room layouts & situations.

Nominee: Lightware Visual Engineering Cisco Webex functionality

Lightware was recently used to add video functionality in a high prole installation undertaken at the headquarters of a major London capital investment company. Systems Integrator, Display Manager appointed Lightware for the remodelling of meeting rooms & conference rooms in the building.

The client wanted a unified, one button call-start in all rooms but the initial planned for Cisco Webex solution required a third-party system controller for the project, which made that difficult. Lightware’s switchers, MMX4x2-HT200 and MMX8x4-HT420M, specifically designed for conference room environments provided the superior integration to the Cisco product that was required to deliver a first-class user experience.

  1. Most Cisco Webex Devices have only one HDMI input. A Lightware switch can add multiple inputs, and formats such as Display Port, DVI, VGA and USB-C, greatly expanding the functionality with no need for various dongles at the meeting room table or hidden in a local credenza
  2. Lightware switching products work with Cisco Touch 10 room control panels, require zero programming and can be easily configured to directly communicate with Cisco Webex Devices in collaboration rooms.
  3. Lightware’s open API environment meanwhile makes it possible for every bit of data to be openly available for higher level management, monitoring, and control applications. That meant that not only could a much greater rang
  4. With budgetary pressure also being applied to the project due to the pandemic, the cost- effectiveness of the Lightware solution also became a contributing factor and the decision was made to add them to the specification

Nominee:Crestron Flex

The Crestron Flex platform helps bring out the best in every meeting room and home office. Crestron Flex offers the ease and simplicity of one solution — all from one company. Crestron Flex has the hardware that makes collaboration easy with desktop phones, tabletop and front of room devices. From any Crestron Flex device, you control everything you need from scheduling a meeting room and launching your presentation to starting a videoconference and adjusting lighting, shades, and climate. With Crestron Flex you can have a native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms meeting experience plus connect any device for a BYOD experience.

  1. Crestron Flex is a single platform that is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to support.
  2. Crestron Flex provides purpose-built devices that deliver intelligent video, clear, crisp audio, localized AV, content distribution, and video conferencing.
  3. The Crestron Flex Digital Workplace Technology platform provides an effective utilization of workspaces that include solutions for room and desk booking, space availability, and space usage metrics.
  4. Crestron Flex is scalable and allows you to easily add or change spaces, easily understand utilization, and easily support all spaces.
  5. Crestron Flex is ideally equipped for mass deployment throughout any sized facility.

Nominee: SMART TeamWorks

SMART TeamWorks Software is an end-to-end visual collaboration solution designed to leverage the power of SMART Board interactive displays for fast, flexible and limitless collaboration.  SMART TeamWorks software helps empower teams to collaborate across places and time zones and attain better productivity. It supports more effective meetings and deeper contribution by allowing for simultaneous interactions between colleagues and works in conjunction with any web- based conferencing – including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The TeamWorks platform continues to innovate with the release of the new TeamWorks 4 in 2021.

  1. Dynamic content creation:
    Connected whiteboard supporting dynamic content
    · Pressure-sensitive, intelligent, and contextual inking for a fast and fluid inking experience.
    · Unlimited sticky notes to add ideas and files. · Pull content from and save meeting recaps to OneDrive
  2. Automatically convert hand drawings to objects.
  3. Choose from a variety of meeting templates.
  4. Speech to text conversion and voice commands.
  5. Limitless collaboration:
    Wirelessly screencast up to eight devices to the SMART Board and share with remote colleagues using any conferencing solution so everyone is on the same page, for accelerated innovation.
  • Participants can join and contribute to the whiteboard from devices via meeting PIN, QR code or ultrasonic pairing using the free Contributor app available for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Participate from any device and launch web- based conferencing with a single touch at the display.
  • Compatible with many conferencing solutions, so sharing content with remote participants is easy.
  • Workspace lets teams add and interact with all sorts of dynamic content for limitless collaboration.


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