• Friday , 22 October 2021

Collaborative flat panel from ViewSonic

ViewSonic Europe has announced the UK launch of its newest interactive display – the IFP2710. Intuitively designed to be used in both educational and corporate settings, the 27-inch panel enables up to 10 users to annotate and edit content simultaneously – making collective discussions easier and more engaging.

One of the most unique features of the display is its ergonomic design that enables its 180-degree horizontal swivel functionality – allowing the display to be laid flat to improve the effectiveness of group work. The Viewsonic IFP2710 also features ultra-durable protective glass with a scratch-resistant coating to protect the screen from damage caused by heavy usage or impact in crowded spaces, such as classrooms.

For users looking to annotate presentations and then display the content on a larger second display, the IFP2710 can be easily connected via its HDMI port or a LAN network cable. For teachers, this enables them to edit content and project the updated lesson materials to the class without needing to turn their backs on the students.

Tony White, AV Director at ViewSonic Europe commented: “IFP sales in the market have increased by 16 percent in the last year as more organisations reap the benefits of modern AV technology. The IFP2710 is a flexible and intuitive small-sized panel which offers users an expert suite of collaborative tools normally reserved for larger touch panels.”

The IFP2710 is available now via ViewSonic Europe’s official channel network.​

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