• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

CTouch goes modular

CTouch product release cycle alternates between education and corporate products. This year is a corporate year and the company took the opportunity of its Level-Up event at its Eindhoven headquarters to introduce not just new hardware but a whole new modular strategy for product innovations.
CTouch has rationalise its product nomenclature, but the new product names are more than just a cosmetic exercise – the move to just two basic product categories of corporate products, Leddura 2Share and Leddura 2Meet, that herald a shift to a modular strategy that adds modules that provide specific capabilities to each solution.

The starting point for each category is the Leddura 2Share Essentials, which will be available from the next quarter in three screen sizes – 55”. 75” and 86” – and soon with a range of coloured bezels, including royal orange, silver grey and sky blue. Customers can choose to add the capabilities they need to the Essential spec, meaning, of course, that they don’t have to pay or things they don’t require. When they eventually do need additional features, they can simply upgrade by adding further CTouch ‘Brix’.
CTouch announced specifications for a number of upgrade possibilities within the Leddura 2Share range – the 2Share Pro and the 2Share Teams both scheduled for Q4 of this year. The first module for the Leddura 2Meet range is already available, this being the 2Meet Skype for Business. Based on the same display architecture, the 2Meet range has the same size options as the 2Share, namely 55”. 75” and 86”. Many other modules are in preparation by CTouch in addition to this initial announcement of 4 new models.

More Brix

Two that are sure to be popular are the modules developed in collaboration with Barco Clickshare, with the Barco meeting room solution having a European installed base of some 600,000, and the Zoom Room module, the rapidly growing option for video communication CTouch has also used the revamp of the product line-up to big its new models into line with customer demands on sustainability. The company believes that much of what has transpired in that area in the past has been little more that tokenism, but is sensing a sea change in customer attitudes, with environmental issues taken far more seriously.
CTouch goes modular
In general, the overwhelming impression left by CTouch at the end of its 2-day Level-Up event was of a company maturing but at the same time maintaining the principles of its founders, one of which is to make their business and customer experience fun. In our coverage of CTouch at ISE AV News expressed its surprise at the progress that the company had made when compared with the previous ISE.

At ISE 2019, CTouch became a real contender in the battle for the meeting room space, a fact confirmed by the Level-Up event, which focused on both the technical and commercial aspects of the company. It underlined CTouch’s willingness to differentiate its products, approach to the market and customer experience.

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