• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Da-Lite develop new silver material screen surface

Silver Lite 2.5 is the newest screen surface in Da-Lite’s range of front projection materials. It is a multi-purpose front projection surface that is optimised for passive linear and circular 3D applications and is also an excellent 2D screen material. For passive 3D applications, the silver surface maintains 99.3% of polarised light and the 2.5 gain of the material compensates for the light lost in the polarisation filtering process.  The polarization retention and high extinction ratio eliminate the ghosting or crosstalk common with stereoscopic 3D projection. For 2D projection, the gain and high contrast characteristics of the material make it perfect for projection in high ambient light conditions or for use with a low output projector.  Silver Lite 2.5 is a washable surface and has a 25 degree viewing half angle.

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