• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Digital Signage Innovation of the Year

Nominee: Samsung All-in-one (IAB) 0.84 4K 146”

The Samsung All-in-one (IAB) 0.84 4K 146”is a next-generation display that redenes the meaning of visual experience and delivers 4K resolution. This 16:9 form factor model can be installed with ease, dramatically reducing the installation process time from two days to two hours while decreasing the cost due to the display’s internalized deco bezel, S-box and pre-assembled frame kit included in the package. The all-in-one 0.84 4K 146” Samsung display also pairs with Microsoft Teams and Google Duo’s intelligent video conferencing platform to create a seamless video experience for consumers.

  1. The Samsung All-in-one (IAB) 0.84 4K 146’’ display has transformed the installation process from two days to two hours saving valuable time. This innovative, enhanced installation features a pre-adjusted seam, and a ‘Pre-Assembled Frame Kit’ to easily enable TV-level installation convenience. In addition, the display’s internalized deco bezel, S-Box and pre-assembled frame kit included in the package has decreased the total cost of ownership adding to the overall ease of the product’s installation.
  2. The Samsung All-in-one (IAB) 0.84 4K 146” features Black Seal Technology that blankets the screen with perfect uniformity creating a seamless canvas for purer black levels with enhanced depth and delivers unparalleled contrast with immaculate detail. The IAB’s 20bit processing presents exact colour mapping with faultless accuracy. The product’s deeper bit depth at low greyscale delivers extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth, natural tonal gradients. Additionally, the Micro HDR and Micro Motion allow users to enjoy advanced picture refinement, as the IAB delivers stunning HDR10/10+ illuminating peak brightness with an improved 120Hz frame rate.
  3. Two of the All-in-one (IAB) 0.84 4K 146’’ screens can be installed side by side to create a 36:9 form factor model with a detachable feature. Equipped with a Micro AI Processor, it’s perfect for a large meeting room or classroom, this installation can connect through individual screen movements or third-party video processors and can support up to four screens with the Multi-Link HDR.
  4. The product’s 89mm whole thickness after the completed installation design, features a convenient direct input connection on the screen without a separate S-Box and does not need to secure space for input connection. The slim and bezel-less infinity design also allows the display to blend seamlessly into its surroundings without disrupting the desired vision within and beyond the screen. Simplifying the display’s weight and thickness helps to deliver the ultimate viewing experience.
  5. The display utilizes Samsung workspace features including Smartview+ , in addition to Google Duo and Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless visual user experience.

Nominee: Fusion all-in-one digital billboard

Fusion is a smart, all-in-one digital billboard solution. It is compact to ship, easy to install, requires no additional hardware and has the world’s most comprehensive monitoring platform built directly into the frame of the display. This includes full remote diagnostics, secure network security encryption, a monitoring system for hundreds of points and pro-active alerting.

This plug and play signage solution comprises 3000 x 1280mm cabinets that ship in one compact box. The slim design allows for efficient installations and instant digitisation of static billboards. Its inbuilt smart light sensor adjusts to light conditions, ensuring content remains visible.

  1. Slimline Design Enabling One-Day Deployment: Fusion is quicker to install than any other billboard solution and can be hung on traditional billboard infrastructure, enabling instant digitisation of static billboards. The modular design simply clips together for efficient installations and allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The slim form factor of just 96mm depth contributes to it being the lightest display of its kind on the market, reducing the need for complex structural support, saving estate owners and integrators time and money on installation labour.
  2. Plug and Play: Fusion is a plug and play solution. The connectivity and diagnostic tools are built into the frame of the display, so no additional media players, switchers or analytics devices are needed to connect the billboard to a network, drive content or monitor its performance. This unique system architecture can also be integrated into other monitoring and CMS software, such as Quividi, Ayuda, Scala and Broadsign, and with the specific buying platforms of media owners.
  3. Unrivalled Monitoring and Maintenance: Fusion features the largest multi-layer redundancy system in the market, ensuring the highest possible uptime for network owners. This, combined with a full remote diagnostic and monitoring system with the capability to monitor hundreds of points via a pro-active alert system. Trained VOD Visual service engineers are available 24/7 globally and respond within 15 minutes to identify issues and wherever possible fix them by deploying over-air remedial actions. Secure network security encryption reduces threats by ensuring hackers are kept off of the network, minimising reputational risk for the estate owners.
  4. Smart, Bright Technology: Fusion is available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 16mm pixel pitches and has been designed especially for outdoor applications. The LEDs are packaged to fully withstand all weather conditions and have a smart sensor built in to measure the level of direct sun exposure and change the brightness accordingly, so content remains visible in even the harshest of conditions. The display reaches a maximum calibrated brightness of up to 6500 nits making it ideal for out of home environments including eye catching roadside displays, sharing passenger and guest critical information at travel terminals and leisure attractions to ensure brand messages shine brightly in retail destinations.
  5. Enhanced Sustainability Credentials: The responsive brightness is also one contributing factor to the low overall power consumption of the display and enhanced sustainability credentials. This makes Fusion the greenest, most energy efficient and sustainable LED display of its type on the market, drawing a fraction of the power consumption of standard LED screens. Adjusting to the conditions means that the LEDs are not being run at their peak brightness constantly, making the display much more energy efficient. This significantly reduces electrical waste and therefore heat generation, negating the need for noisy and energy wasting fans, extending the lifespan of the display and ensuring industry

Nominee: Vivitek NovoDS

New and existing users of Vivitek’s popular NovoDS Digital Signage solution are able to benet from a People Counting Widget designed to increase public safety relating to crowd control. Available for free at launch, the People Counting Widget adds value to all organisations’ Digital Signage needs. It comes at a time when Digital Signage is increasingly important for organisations to ensure that social distancing guidelines are met in public and oce spaces. This is of increasing importance with staff now returning to the workplace, customers coming back to stores and education institutions welcoming students after the lockdown and summer period.

  1. The People Counting Widget helps drive more use and therefore more value from new or existing investments in digital signage solutions.
  2. The People Counting Widget makes managing crowd control both easy and safe, giving peace of mind to those managing a site (school, office or store) and those attending or visiting it.
  3. Digital Signage plays a critical role in communicating information and advice about any health-related updates, or changes to any social distancing guidelines, which it can be used to reinforce. It can of course continue to display welcome messages, way-finding information, lunch or promotional offers, weather and travel updates, or last minute lesson or room changes, helping people stay safe, updated and informed at all times.
  4. Images and music play lists can be pre-selected or updated in real-time to keep them relevant and appropriate.
  5. It reflects Vivitek’s focus on adding value, as the free upgrade features applied to the entire NovoDS portfolio of add on devices to add Digital Signage to existing screens, as well as NovoDisplay which offers a 4K screen with digital signage and wireless collaboration embedded.

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