• Friday , 22 October 2021

Dynamax digitalsignage.net adopted by Chamber TV

Digitalsignage.net, the latest product from Dynamax Technologies targeted at small and medium enterprises, has been adopted by Chamber TV. The partnership will see the software installed into hospitals, colleges and membership sports organisations, with Chamber TV products already providing a service to establishments including Birmingham City Council, Warwick University Student Union and a large number of schools.

Managing director of Chamber TV, Richard Westhead said: “Our exciting new partnership with Dynamax has enabled us to lift the bar in providing a simple but effective operating platform that meets the criteria of today’s digital and social media world. The combination of digitalsignage.net along with our IPTV product – IPTV4 – provides an on-screen, online and on-mobile solution.”

Dynamax’s latest piece of software was recognised by Chamber TV for its scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Digitalsignage.net version 1.4 includes enhanced SMIL support for SMIL compliant embedded media players such as the iAdea range as well as the company’s own Premium Player, proof of play reporting, publically shareable content, and enhanced user access rights so that a portal administrator can define who can do what within the system.

Dynamax’s simplified SaaS product is based on Amazon’s cloud solution EC2, offering users an easy way to get started with digital signage, improve their audience experience, enhance their corporate image and generate revenue through advertising.

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