• Saturday , 23 October 2021

DynaScan appoints Medium as UK distributor

DynaScan appoints Medium as UK distributor

Gavin Croxford, thMedium Logo_CMYKe UK Business Development Manager for DynaScan, commented: “Medium demonstrates the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to represent the DynaScan range of products. They also support their Channel with such a personal and positive approach, that they were a natural fit for us.”

Medium will be distributing screens from DynaScan with the highest brightness ratings on the market. Since 1998, DynaScan Technology has been an industry leader in cutting-edge LCD and LED display solutions. DynaScan’s digital signage products have been installed in locations around the world for use in advertising, public information, and entertainment.

Peter Dosanjh, Sales Director for Medium, notes: “We are very excited to be working with DynaScan. The partnership will open up many more opportunities for our organisations, and more importantly for our Channel partners. We will be holding a launch event in the next few months to demonstrate why we are so excited by this appointment.”


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