• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Education innovation of the year

Nominee: Samsung Flip 4 interactive whiteboard

The Samsung Flip 4 provides teachers and students a high-quality education experience with enhanced usability and specialized features to meet ever-changing education needs. Newly added USB Type C connectivity provides integrated video control and power (65w charging). The touch latency is the industry’s fastest, and the multi touch feature allows simultaneous touch for up to 20 people on 85-inch clear UHD display. The Flip 4’s intuitive control panel, full sound speakers and brightness control sensors enhance the overall classroom experience and enables seamless video communication in a remote or hybrid classroom environment.

  1. The Flip 4 provides integrated video control and power functionality through USB-C support. The product additionally features a versatile selection of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP and screen sharing. The recently added built-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot, ensures the Flip 4 is accessible from a variety of devices and allows users to connect to preferred third- party education solutions and to school information systems. When teaching a class, the Flip 4 works seamlessly in the background to allow teachers to focus on engaging their students.
  2. The Flip 4’s touch latency is 20ms, which is the fastest in the industry and improves the speed of touch through prediction logic. Also, people can write and draw on the large display using any object as a writing tool. Users can quickly erase the drawings with a finger or palm swipe.
  3. The Flip 4 is equipped with seven-button front control panel comprised of the most used features including: the home screen, freeze frame, black screen, note on, volume and power. With the front control panel, users can access seven features immediately by just clicking a button, maximizing user convenience. From a UX perspective, since the upper part of the Flip 4 is hard to reach, the menu bar is now accessible in the middle or left/right side of the display. Furthermore, the Window menu bar is placed at the bottom to provide a more intuitive user experience.
  4. The Flip 4 provides optimal usability through flexible brightness display control according to external light or brightness inside the classroom. The anti-glare film is applied to prevent the reflection of outside light when writing to better keep the attention of students and ensure important lessons deliver a lasting impression for optimized student performance and progress. Additionally, a total of four front and rear facing speakers boast enhanced output with rich sound quality especially for classroom environment.
  5. Users can power faster device interactions with less load time with 17% more memory (RAM), upgraded from 3G to 3.5G and a storage increase from 16G to 32G. Samsung displays paired with Cisco’s and starting in the second quarter of 2022, Microsoft Teams and Google Duo’s intelligent video conferencing platforms featuring auto- framing and speaker setting, create a seamless video experience for students and teachers. These enhanced collaboration capabilities empower any teacher to lead their class while encouraging students to develop new ideas without the hassle of any technical difficulties.

Nominee: Lumio SMART Technologies

The project was needed in response to the international pandemic as schools had gone into lockdown. Many schools were not prepared for what was happening, schools were at different stages of their EdTech journey. Suddenly children were not in school and teachers still had to deliver learning. A project was required which would enable schools to deliver learning remotely so that all children could continue to access lessons. SMART’s Lumio (formerly SMART Learning Suite Online) helped make this possible.

  • SMART worked closely with a Demonstrator School based in the Midlands who was able to cascade support and information across over 100 schools nationally.
  • No two schools were alike which meant Pheasey training required a different plan of action for each. Support ranged from infrastructure development, staff training, increasing confidence levels to proper software selection. Pheasey proudly showed schools what had worked well for the children of their primary school including the use of SMART software and the impact that it had on teaching and learning both in class and in full lockdown using a hybrid model.
  • SMART Learning Suite software including Lumio, has promoted active learning for youngsters during very difficult and challenging times enabling a familiar classroom environment anywhere. Providing thousands of children access to remote learning with personalised activities and online assessments. This would not have been possible without SMART software. It streamlined planning for teachers with accessible files for students whether at home or in class. It gave every learner an equal voice whether at the back of the class or across town learning remotely. And kept kids logging on making learning fun and engaging with game-based activities like Monster Quiz. This was clearly shown through Pheasey Learners with the last week in lockdown attendance online continuing to be above 90%.
  • During the first round of support 48 Demonstrator Schools across the country supported 4,000 schools and colleges, 200,000 teachers and 2 million students.
  • The Demonstrator round 1 focused on the response to the pandemic and helped ‘fight the fire’ in response to the education crisis. As we have now moved in the second wave of Demonstrator Support which looks to help schools bring a sustainable approach to their tech use to develop children’s skill set for the 21st century and beyond – SMART will be there to support.


Nominee: Lightware Taurus Switchers

The AV team at Edinburgh Napier University manages several AV-equipped rooms. The university also pivoted to a hybrid model to accommodate students and faculty who need to log-in remotely or travel to and from campus. The university is installing AV kits in more than 40 rooms for easier device connectivity, with Lightware Taurus UCX switchers as the main hub. Users connect to a Taurus switcher through one USB-C cable combining video, audio, control, Ethernet signals and begin sharing content. Using Lightware technology, the university is adapting to the trends reshaping education while meeting the technology expectations of students and faculty.

  1. Lightware is the only manufacturer offering a one box solution for allowing laptops to utilise in-room USB peripherals
  2. Taurus UCX has enabled the flexibility of choice with which soft codec to use. Zoom/Teams/WebEx/GoToMeeting, we are completely agnostic and therefore the end user does not have to decide upfront and commit to a native solution that may not offer features they need later on
  3. Lightware’s solutions provides lecturers and students the benets and flexibility of ‘plug and play’ BYOD capabilities, with ease-of-use, first- class experience and a user-friendly interface

Nominee: Clevertouch Impact Plus Gen 2, Clevertouch Technologies

The Impact Plus is Clevertouch’s fifth-generation large format interactive display and is part of the award-winning Clevertouch Plus series. The new Impact Plus meets the needs of the modern classroom, designed as a resource-saving device for teachers, by teachers. This isn’t just a touchscreen. It’s a complete teaching solution that comes with software and tools to engage pupils and make everyday teaching tasks easier to perform. There is no lag, no messing around with USB sticks or laptops, and no delay in starting your lesson off right with the Impact Plus.

  1. Impact Plus is a teachers’ favourite because it is a walk-in and use screen that doesn’t require a laptop or USB to be plugged in for the teacher to begin a lesson. Lux User interface is designed to be just one click away from any of the screen features. It comes packed with software and apps that enable teachers to start creating interactive, fun and engaging lessons in minutes – lessons that would have previously taken hours to produce.
  2. Clevershare allows teachers to cast, share and annotate onto the screen from their laptop, tablet or mobile.
  3. Teachers with years of carefully crafted lesson plans can continue to use them on their new Plus device. Lynx software automatically converts Smart, CFF and IWB files without losing features, formatting or essential data.
  4. No need for teachers to connect a laptop to use the screen as all existing lessons can be accessed via their cloud accounts. But if teachers choose, there is a built-in PC.
  5. Our teacher-led product development strategy means that we know what teachers need because it is easy for them to tell us. In addition, Clevertouch prides itself on having a direct channel with the people using the screens, enabling the development team to quickly incorporate requested features and technology advancements directly into the product development programme, ensuring every new generation of Impact Plus stays relevant to the teachers using it.

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