• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Education Technology Innovation of the Year 2021

EZWrite Live

The Covid-19 pandemic thrust nearly one billion students into remote learning. Released in May 2020, BenQ’s EZWrite Live is a free, cloud-based interactive whiteboard and lecture broadcasting software that streamlines classroom discussions and makes it more intuitive than ever for teachers and students to bring the classroom online. Free and accessible on any browser, EZWrite Live provides access to BenQ’s cutting-edge education solutions without the demand for any specific hardware setup or the purchase of expensive software licenses, allowing disadvantaged school systems to navigate the disruption due to Covid-19 more easily. EZWrite Live transforms remote learning through one intuitive platform.

  • EZ Write Live allows teachers and students to collaborate from any location, on any device, in real-time. Sharing the same screen, they can annotate in tandem on the same documents, ensuring those learning from home have the same great experience as those in the classroom.
  • All materials are saved in the cloud so teachers can easily access them from any classroom device. This allows teachers to access files from where ever they are and send documents, homework and communications to their students all in one place, streamlining the education process.
  • Students at all curriculum levels can use their own device to collaborate with the class, without needing to move from their seats or touch the same hardware as someone else. This is great for creating a Covid safe classroom whilst increasing interactivity and engagement.
  • With EZWrite’s Floating Tool, teachers can capture shots of anything on the screen, including content from apps, websites and videos, import the content into EZWrite for further discussion and annotate on a new page.
  • Teachers can record lectures including the use of third-party apps and audio, making sure that students don’t miss anything and have materials always accessible to watch back.

Testimonials and references

“The BenQ EZWrite software, built into their interactive flat panels, is a great tool for front of class display, as well as interactive class activities. As an RE teacher, I have often wanted to show connections between ideas, give visual cues for students and make note of ideas and instructions from the front of the room. This software takes the static and often teacher-led activity of whiteboarding and puts it into the hands of the students in the room.” Ben Whitaker – Curriculum Manager, Burnley College & Director @ Edufuturists.