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An introduction to Genee

Over the last 15 years, Genee has established itself as a major manufacturer and developer of interactive technology in the education and corporate marketplace. From the early years of interactive whiteboards to today’s sophisticated interactive touchscreens, touch tables and related hardware and software, Genee has carved out an enviable niche with its innovation, software, first class support and competitive pricing.


Touchscreen technology has been around for many years, but it is over the last 5 years that the software to support this technology has reached new levels. Genee has produced a touchscreen interface that is simple to learn and use, incorporating its ‘3-touch rule’.

“The User Interface is one of the most important factors when developing digital technology. Developing a ‘3-touch rule’ allows users to access any function within 3 touches, ensuring an intuitive and easy way to use our G-touch screens” stated Taz Arkate, Genee’s Product Development Manager.

Genee’s Interactive Touchscreens offer the latest in bright, clear display LED technology using only tier 1 panel suppliers using: antiglare technology; wide viewing angle displays with blue light filters; and 7H toughened glass for the classroom environment. With a multiple of connections; 20-point touch; powerful front facing speakers; and an option for an OPS Unit, its range offers all that is required for a classroom or training environment.

“Developing the hardware alongside the software allows Genee to stand out as a unique and key player in the market.” stated John Adams, Senior Development Manager. “With Windows 10 and Android 8.0 options, device casting software, learning software developed by Genee and even a Genee App Store for dedicated and secure applications, the product stands out above the competition” he added.

Remote learning
Remote learning is not just a buzz word but today is an essential part of any school’s learning environment. Genee has responded to this by ensuring its SPARK II touchscreen software licence is offered as an on-site and offsite license with no annual subscription fee. “It is now essential that students and teachers have the opportunity to be able to use the same software inside and outside the classroom without having to worry about additional costs or third-party software.

Our vision has always been to create software and hardware that is accessible and provides intuitive learning software, which is easy to use, interoperable and compatible with all legacy devices within the classroom. We aim to inspire a generation of trainers and instructional leaders who in turn inspire the classrooms and training centre in the future.

At Genee, the relationship doesn’t end once the product has been installed, but continues with training sessions, resources and support throughout ownership. We are probably the last remaining independent UK manufacturer of interactive touchscreen displays and with our own software team and support team are in a unique position to understand and react to the needs of the UK market. Our staff are based in the UK and so is our data adding a security level our competitors cannot match” stated Ranjit Singh, Genee’s Managing Director.

The range


Genee has expanded its Interactive Touchscreen range adding new sizes and new product lines. Its ranges now consists of:


  • G-Touch 4K Classic which is new and is a stripped back solution for simple requirements and where budgets are tight. However, the range does not compromise on quality using the same panel, functionality and SPARK II software and still offers the full 5-year warranty when registered.

Screen sizes include 65”, 75” and 85”

  • G-Touch 4K Plus which is the main product range consisting of SPARK II Software, Android 8.0, device casting Software, Genee App Store and 5-year warranty when registered

Screen sizes include 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” and 98”.

  • The 55” screen size has been re-introduced into the G-Touch family due to the demand of many customers where space is an issue for classrooms or meeting rooms. The 98” interactive touchscreen is a brand-new screen size for Genee and completes the range. Ideal for large auditoriums and lecture theatres, this screen size enables viewing for a large audience.
  • G-Touch 4K Premium provides an optically bonded panel which ensures the absolute best in image quality by ensuring no “bounce back” of the light between the glass display. It also adds further toughness to the display. It also enables the infra-red touch to operate closer to the glass making it even more responsive to touch. The 4K Premium range includes all the features of the 4K Plus and is the ultimate in image quality and sleek design.

All the Genee G-Touch ranges have the option of adding a slot in PC (OPS) unit which enable the touchscreens to operate independently of external devices such as laptops or PCs though these, of course, can still be connected as required. The Genee OPS units come with Intel i3, i5 or i7 CPU’s with options of memory size and Windows 10 pre-loaded. They can be configured by Genee to ensure they match exactly what the customer needs to display and how they wish to operate.

Genee’s application software has been designed by teachers with teachers in mind. It is key to bring your lessons to life and you can create dynamic lessons using Genee’s Project Flow, Learn Hub, Kidloland, Darts Maths plus hundreds more applications from the Genee App Store. Find out more on Genee’s software offering on www.genee-group.com .




Having established the Genee G-Touch interactive touchscreen at the centre of the classroom environment, it is crucial to be able to add related products that can take your presentation to the next level. Genee offers a range of wired and wireless visualisers (also known as document cameras) to display the pupils or teachers’ demonstrations, experiment or printed document onto the interactive touchscreen in a shared or one to one environment. With Genee visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience by adding visual content in almost microscopic detail. Genee have developed the Genee toolbar software to provide a seamless interface to connect the visualiser content from the PC to the G-Touch interactive touchscreen.


Genee Wireless Visualisers have recently been launched to support remote learning and provide flexibility and manoeuvrability around the classroom, removing the need for cables and giving more options to teachers and students. It is not just the wireless connectivity that is important but also the ability to charge them overnight and run them for 6 hours during the day without the need to be plugged into the mains power

Adding the wireless range has given schools and institutions the flexibility and freedom for teachers to home in on their home learning. It has given them the opportunity to be able to showcase work from home or the classroom while students are watching it live on their laptops at home. With the simple connectivity, teachers can continue to do their lessons using the G-Touch screen and the Visualisers to present their lesson and know that the students are watching it as it happens.

To complete the Interactive solution, Genee have developed over the last 3 years a fully integrated all-in-one visitor management systems (VMS) allowing the sign in and out of staff, visitors and even contractors. This fully flexible integrated system allows badge scanning for staff and allows visitors to register sending an image and email to the person they are visiting. It keeps a record of who enters the building and produces a variety of reports. It is essential during a building evacuation not only producing a list of the people in the building but has an App for fire marshals that tells them who is in the building and even show a picture of each person. The reporting features are strong and can even link to payroll via the CSV file.

Whether you are a teacher, bursar, IT manager or trainer the Genee interactive range of products offers the very best in innovation and interconnectivity backed up by strong service, support, training and installation by its own highly trained staff.

You can find out more about Genee on www.genee-group.com or call 01902 390 862.

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