• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

Global Display Solutions ramps up manufacturing

Global Display Solutions (GDS) has finalised improvements to its global manufacturing resources and capabilities to be ready for ‘Generation III’ digital signage products and technologies. GDS says increasing worldwide orders for high performance displays; new products and technologies to be released; and demand for a competitive offer in terms of price and quality, puts the company “in a good position to understand specific needs of DOOH players and align its structure and capabilities accordingly.”

GDS relocated some R&D and technical key resources to give local support to growing national business. With on-going orders in Europe, Australia and US, GDS decided to improve on-site support to give dedicated assistance to its clients. In terms of manufacturing, GDS has invested in the technical equipment and the quality of all facilities (China, Romania, Italy and USA), to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of its products to guarantee high standards and performances.

The company has also implemented the proprietary bonding process in all sites and finalised the set-up of the same process in its US facility, to serve and support the American market. All sites can now manufacture and apply advanced optical enhancements to displays up to 82”.

G-Bond (GDS bonding) is described by the company as one of the key technologies it has developed because of the benefits given to thermal management and to the image quality of the display, some of the most important factors for the advertising market. This is proven, says GDS, by worldwide installations of the D6 model for indoor advertising. The proprietary high brightness LED backlight has been integrated in new Sirius outdoor LCD displays that can reach up to 4000 cd/sqm and have a high image quality in direct sunlight.

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