• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Igloo Vision Opens New Immersive Tech Demo Centre in Rotterdam

UK-based shared immersive tech company Igloo Vision is opening a new demo centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – its first in mainland Europe.

The new centre launched on the 13th of April in partnership with flexible working space company HNK, in HNK Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam’s Maritime Quarter. The demo centre includes a state-of-the-art Igloo shared immersive cylinder of the type that has been installed by Igloo clients such as Accenture, bp and Microsoft, as well as more than 40 universities around the world.

The space will be available for companies looking to learn about using shared immersive tech for visualising data and designs, collaborating in a much more productive meeting space, simulation for training and teaching, entertaining engaging experiences and more. It will also be open to content creators and software vendors wanting to test interactive, 360° or VR content and programs.

The launch is seeing high interest from across the Netherlands and beyond in Belgium, Germany, France and Denmark. The shared immersive cylinder is fully booked for the opening launch and will be open for demos every following Tuesday and Wednesday. As the site is following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, all demos must be pre-booked.

The demo centre will be led by Henrik Hellman, founder of Dutch VR firm UC360, who has already worked closely with Igloo as a content partner.

“Last year, we chose Amsterdam as the venue to launch our new Immersive Workspace, and the response has been tremendous,” said Colin Yellowley, R&D Director at Igloo Vision. “We’re now pressing ahead with this permanent foothold in the Netherlands. It will enable us to better support our existing European clients, reach new ones and further accelerate that growth.”

“Igloo’s immersive technology has been delivered worldwide and the need keeps growing,” said Henrik Hellman, EU Network Partner at Igloo Vision. “Rotterdam is positioned perfectly. It’s a gateway to Europe, and our site almost neighbours the largest medical school in the Netherlands. We’re excited to build new connections and demonstrate our technology to organisations to help them improve their existing workflows and communications.”

Founded in Shropshire over 12 years ago to create projection domes for music festivals, Igloo Vision has progressed to deliver hundreds of shared immersive installations and all the enabling software to the biggest brands in the world. Existing clients in mainland Europe include Siemens in Germany, SIG in Switzerland, Anton Paar in Austria, the University of Tromsø in Norway, and Mid Sweden University in Sweden, and were previously serviced from the UK. The Rotterdam office is Igloo’s seventh location worldwide.

For more information about shared immersive technology or to book an in-person or virtual demo, contact Igloo Vision through igloovision.com.

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