• Sunday , 28 November 2021

Imago introduces e-commerce

This month sees Imago introducing a new web site that incorporates an ecommerce facility. This enables resellers to carry out every stage of the order process online, from browsing stock, and checking availability to ordering and payment. They will also be able to track orders, check credit arrangements and organise delivery times.

The new site also provides images and information about products in the Imago portfolio. A high level of built-in security ensures that resellers will have access only to their own company information and transaction history.

“Our aim is to deliver an improved user experience, whether customers are simply looking for information, or would prefer to organise the entire ordering, payment and delivery process electronically,” said Ian Vickerage, managing director of Imago Group.

* Imago is featured in a new Daily Telegraph video profiling the company and its development within the video conferencing sector. The video, which was filmed and edited by the Telegraph’s Online video production team, charts the growth of video conferencing over the last twenty years through interviews with key Imago personnel, highlighting the importance of the technology to the development of Imago as a distribution company.

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