• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

Integrated Social TV for effective broadcasting

NeverNo1It’s increasingly common for viewers to use smart phones and tablets to comment on the TV shows they’re watching with others in social media networks. Viewers also use social media to share Instagram photos, videos, personal photos, Facebook posts or tweets that broadcasters want to select and feature on their live shows.

Vizrt and never.no have developed an integrated technology platform that bridges the broadcast TV and social media worlds. Vizrt, company for broadcast graphics, and never.no, a company creating social TV, have integrated never.no’s Interactivity Suite and other social media toolsets with Vizrt’s live graphics systems. This platform gives broadcasters effective tools for managing and presenting social media content within their live shows. And it lets them find trends in social media, and promote interactive viewer participation.

At the 2013 NAB Show, 8th to 11th April, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the two companies will cross-promote the integrated Social TV and Vizrt graphics infrastructure. At the Vizrt booth (SL3305), visitors will see demonstrations of how this never.no-powered Social TV platform creates a link between the live broadcast and social media audience.

“The social TV market is quickly becoming mature, and it’s fun to see new and interesting formats emerge, almost on a weekly basis. We’re beginning to see a new way of producing TV, quite simply. Trending and polling, using geo-located and in other ways segmented data provides new and very interesting insights, said Lars Lauritzsen, CEO of never.no. “With Vizrt, the gold standard in broadcast visualizations, these insights spring to life and become the basis of innovative storytelling. The next big paradigm shift we believe is Social TV Advertising. The potential for commercialization cannot be overstated, and never.no plans to lead the way.”

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