• Thursday , 21 October 2021

Hitachi launches Ultimate interactive

Hitachi Digital Media Group announced the launch of its much trailed interactive projector. The new LCD iPJ-AW250NM is offered with Hitachi Starboard software and has an initial target of the education market. The corporate model will probably be shown at InfoComm. Like the other models in the Ultimate range, is the new entrant is said to be easy to install, affordable (although no pricing was available at the launch) and positioned to attract users not turned on by traditional IWBs.

While largely limited to educational applications, the iPJ-AW250NM has an advantage over the ercetly introduced Epson models in so far as it has a mature software offering. In other respects, the products are simialar. The iPJ-AW250NM incorporates a built-in sensor that uses infrared and ultrasonic waves for its pen-based interactivity, together with the well established and fully functioning Hitachi Starboard software, which is bundled in, or can be replaced with a customer’s own interactive package.

The iPJ-AW250NM will be available across Europe in April 2011.

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