• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

‘La Citi’: Barcelona street food and Amate Audio music experience

‘La Citi’ at Barcelona’s popular La Maquinista retail centre is not the kind of dining experience one normally expects to find in a shopping mall. The outdoor rooftop space is a celebration of culinary diversity and quality pop-up and food-truck dining, with a choice of the type of vendors more commonly found at festivals and street food markets.
Sound is a major feature of the La Citi experience and the creators took special care to ensure that it too is of the highest quality. Amate Audio’s new G7 premium commercial audio loudspeaker was selected to provide a substantial BGM installation covering the site. Required to run constantly 12 hours a day, seven days a week, performance quality and reliability were equal operational considerations.
The G7 combines the highest standards of robustness and reliability required of a commercial audio loudspeaker with levels of sonic performance rarely, if ever, attained with an injection-moulded design. Key is a meticulous matching of premium custom components, within a proprietary mould extensively R&D’d by Amate Audio’s design team, providing an extraordinarily advanced internal acoustic architecture; as well as the highly distinctive styling.
The resultant output levels and frequency response are comparable with larger wood constructed cabinets with considerably larger drivers; resulting in a lesser number of cabinets being required in an installation and a level of bass response that does not necessitate the addition of sub bass cabinets.
Project managing the installation, Amate Audio’s Industrial Designer Guiu Llusá, who was integral in the inception and design of the G7, explains that selection of the loudspeaker for La Citi’s installation was decided the basis of it fulfilling a combination of key criteria, “The G7 was chosen for its exceptional aesthetics and sound quality, as well as ease of installation and the capability of the design to withstand inclement weather.”

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