• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Lightware Visual Engineering

As a natural progression from Lightware’s widely acclaimed HDMI-TPS lineup, the new TPX extenders will be launched at ISE 2022. These compact yet powerful extenders will utilize AVX technology combined with HDMI 2.0 capabilities.

The new MMX2 product family will also be revealed, represented by the MMX2-4×3-H20 matrix switcher, that offers the same high levels of reliability and rich features users have with the MMX and the MX2 device ranges, including seamless 4K60 transmissions and HDCP 2.2 compliance.

Lightware’s modular matrix switcher, the MX2M also brings flexibility to a whole new level. Following the success of the 24×24 crosspoint size device last year, a new, 48×48-sized matrix is coming and will also feature TPX connectivity along with the well-known selection of hot-swappable boards.

The TPX extenders and MMX2 matrix switchers are the perfect technologies for AV and UC needs within the corporate, enterprise and education sectors.

By Gergely Vida, CEO and Founder, Lightware Visual Engineering.

Contrary to common belief, it wasn’t the Covid-19 pandemic itself that triggered the changing landscape of the hybrid workspace, many of these technological shifts were already underway, although the global health emergency certainly accelerated things. Significantly.

In the past 18 months, everyone had to adopt to this new reality. Individuals had to adopt for new routines, teams had to adopt to new practices, businesses had to adopt to new procedures, and AV professionals had to adopt to new challenges and needs from customers.

The corporate world saw significant changes due to the sweeping introduction of home offices, and later on the emergence of the hybrid workplace (where teams balance their workload between regularly changing home/office locations). This has led to an urgent need to adopt AV operations and meeting room equipment to stand up to the challenge.

The importance of ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ has become greater than ever, necessitating AV signal management devices that can seamlessly bridge the gap between built-in meeting room assets such as displays and USB cameras, as well as the individual laptops and other tools of meeting participants.

Users and organisations want a freedom of choice when it comes to deciding what video conferencing platform or connectivity type to use, regardless of their place of work.

Lightware is working on bringing the AV/IT convergence to the next level that has the potential to bring yet another layer of convenience into corporate operations. Whether employees work from home or from their dedicated office, the AV technology is vital to make the user-experience as seamless as possible.



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