• Thursday , 21 October 2021

Medium UK adds PosterDigital to signage range

Medium UK has announced a partnership with PosterDigital, described as a simple-to-use, cloud-based digital signage platform for managing multi-site digital signage networks.

PosterDigital’s signage software maximizes the potential of any media player by making it easier than ever to control single or multiple screens, manage content, and create custom solutions for any digital signage project.  The software is hardware agnostic so fully compatible with any media player, such as Samsung SoC, LG webOS, Android and Chromebox.

The software has clearly defined modules and simple, intuitive templates to enable non-technical users to manage anything from a single display up to a large scale digital signage network from one place. Customers will benefit from access to PosterDigital’s 60+ experts and developers available 24 hours should they require any assistance or after-sales support.

PosterDigital is ideal for large or small finance, retail, travel and transportation, hotels and leisure, restaurants and bars, corporate and education applications.

Roy Martin, Connectivity and Digital Signage Business Manager at Medium UK said of the partnership: “PosterDigital gives Medium UK an exclusive partnership in the Cloud based signage space. The flexibility with the product is driven from the large Development team behind PosterDigital; this ensures we can meet the demand from our customers providing a wide range of options through the forward thinking PosterDigital Content Management System.”

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