• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Milan employ Scala to help jumpstart transport renewal project

The Milan Transport Agency (ATM) and the City of Milan, are currently planning to completely rehaul and modernise the above-ground and underground transport networks of the major Italian city. The entire revitalisation process includes plans to replace all vehicles with more environmentally friendly versions, improve transportation efficiency and increase safety and comfort for travellers. ATM turned to Scala certified partner M-Cube to design an integrated digital network for this high-profile project.

The new network spans 42-inch LCD displays sealed in unbreakable glass located in underground train station mezzanines. The network communicates ATM corporate messages, network service updates, alternate routes and emergency messages. There is also a panic button connected to the mezzanine monitors to provide default messages in case of an emergency. A push of the button will alert the ATM control room, which will then manage the messaging to stations affected by the situation or the entire network.

At the above-ground transportation stations of the airport bus line San Babila/Linate, M-Cube has implemented information poles with two 26-inch LED monitors per pole, providing visibility from all sides. The monitors have been optically bonded to ensure visibility in all weather conditions and direct sunlight. These displays provide information about the position of the bus on its route, and arrival time at the stop where the traveller is viewing the screen.

“The adoption of the Scala platform as ATM’s corporate decision to implement its digital signage network was clearly a strategic choice,” said Roberto Carreri, ATM project manager. “Because of its flexibility to integrate with our existing databases and current application environment, the Scala system enables ATM to communicate important information in an easy-to-understand format, using captivating graphics, while distributing multiple messages simultaneously over a complex network without any extra development work.”

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