• Saturday , 23 October 2021

NEC launches new Interactive Collaboration Solutions for the perfect meeting every time

NEC Launches new Interactive Collaboration Solution

Easy-to-use solutions makes technology “disappear”, enabling participants to focus on meeting outcomes

NEC Display Solutions Europe today announces the launch of a new range of Interactive Collaboration Solutions for better meetings and conferencing.

On average, 18%* of meetings include a participant who joins remotely, leading to increased demand for both conferencing and collaboration technology. Without a completely reliable and seamless experience, however, meetings can be protracted and unproductive, often requiring time-consuming follow-ups.

With this in mind, NEC has developed a range of new solutions for easier, more intuitive collaboration, boosting teams’ ability to connect and share content and ideas. These include a new series of ShadowSense™ Touch displays, NEC C Series SST, and a new entry-level collaboration display series, NEC CB Series, to complete its line-up of collaboration solutions for meeting spaces.

The C Series SST line-up enables users to enhance meetings and conferences with stunning UHD resolution. The ShadowSense™ Touch technology gives users the freedom to throw open the blinds and conduct their meetings in natural daylight, with the precise touch interface working perfectly without ghost touches – even in direct sunlight.

These devices are further complemented with the latest NEC Collaboration Soundbar, the universal conferencing solution for smaller meeting and huddle rooms. The NEC Collaboration Soundbar incorporates every component necessary for efficient video conferencing, including camera, microphone and speaker, and is designed to work without driver installation for simple and reliable plug-and-play functionality. The Collaboration Soundbar also features universal mounting for maximum installation flexibility.

To support the growing demand for wireless presentation, NEC launches Mosaic Connect, which enables up to four participants to connect and present simultaneously from any device via browser or airplay. Mosaic Connect is a cloud based solution, enabling remote users to connect no matter what network they are using. Mosaic Connect is available as both hardware (through the Mosaic Connect Box) and software integrated into the NEC CB Series and NEC InfinityBoard® Series.

Finally, the new CB Series, coming in three larger sizes: 65”, 75” and 86”, provides an all-in-one entry-level collaboration solution with UHD resolution and interactivity for up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints. The device features powerful embedded computing including whiteboard functionality delivered through Mosaic Canvas, wireless screen sharing through Mosaic Connect, web browser, PDF reader and Office viewer. Further computing performance is assured through NEC’s OPS Slot, enabling users to add a range of Windows 10 Professional Slot-in PCs for of specific functionalities delivered through a familiar user interface.

All the new devices feature NEC’s Cost Saving Device Management, which enables users to save time and money by managing all connected devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.

“New collaboration display technology has enabled new ways of working, including the ability to work productively remotely, but all too often this technology creates a barrier to effective collaboration,” said Jasmin Stemmler, Product Marketing Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“At NEC, our goal is to make technology as invisible as possible, ensuring that participants can simply turn on their device and start sharing seamlessly. Our new launches represent a powerful addition to our suite of communications and collaboration solutions for meeting rooms and huddle spaces. What’s more, they are backed up by a strong service network with optional service offerings through NEC ServicePLUS, our lifetime service and support offering. It’s all part of our mission to make collaboration simple, intuitive and hassle-free,” concluded Stemmler.

NEC’s new Interactive Collaboration Solutions will be previewed and showcased at the NEC stand at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam. The new NEC CB Series large format displays will be available in April 2019.

*Source: Futuresource Consulting



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