• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

NEC supplements its M-series with short-throw models

NEC are adding five new short-throw projectors to the M-series which are ideal for use in classrooms and small to medium-sized meeting rooms, but also make interactive whiteboards more attractive to use.

The new models, introduced last autumn, deliver impressive presentations even over short projection distances. The throw ratio of only 0.47:1 results in a distance of about 75cm/90cm between the front of the lens and a 77”/87” whiteboard. This minimises shadows and glare effects and gives presenters more space to move around and interact with their audience.

The energy saving features of the projectors in the M-series contribute to significantly reduced running costs. For example, the Auto Eco Mode automatically adapts the luminous power of the lamp to the presentation content: dark content results in reduced luminosity and at the same time lower power consumption. Also, there is a 75 percent AV Mute function, which allows the picture to be muted simply by pushing the green AV mute button on the remote control. The presenter can thus fully focus the audience’s attention on him-/herself for a brief period. Moreover, the projector remains fully operational during breaks in the presentation.

The M-series short-throw projectors will be available from February 2011. The recommended retail prices (excluding VAT) are £925.00 (M350XS), £849.00 (M300XS), £769.00 (M260XS), £915.00 (M300WS) and £835.00 (M260WS).

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