• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Neutrik expands market with FBT Audio

Neutrik is set to deepen its reach into the UK’s key high-end and pro audio markets with the appointment of FBT Audio (UK as an authorised distributor.

Neutrik UK Managing Director Mark Perrins described the deal as “the culmination of a long search for the right partner”. Renowned for its extensive range of the highest quality cable and chassis connectors, Neutrik is best known for serving the professional audio and video markets with applications ranging from broadcast and recording through to live sound and video.

FBT Audio (UK) will reinforce this as it brings Neutrik to new customers across the UK. “We are intent on bringing the highest quality product to this very important market, and we have been assessing a strong partner in the UK who can help us to achieve that goal,” explained Perrins.

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