• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

New NEC dvLED E and FE-E Series completes Sharp/NEC’s LED portfolio

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has extended its dvLED lineup, adding the E ‘Essential’ LED prepared bundles and the ‘Fine pitch Enterprise Eco’ solutions for LED customised video walls. The new dvLED E Series delivers great visual performance for any indoor video wall applications. The solutions are ideal for applications in corporate environments with large-scale presentation and meeting room needs, for signage and infotainment in retail and in the leisure sector as well as for higher education customers with meeting and information display needs.

The innovative design of the E Series family ensures the solutions are as simple and easy to install as possible. Its slim product depth of only 29mm and light weight per module of 4.7kg allows for easy integration into all kinds of environments. The family’s aluminium cabinet design has also been developed to support the simple and time-efficient setup of LED modules, including support of both wall-mounted and freestanding installation. The new dvLED E Series offers full front service and comes in three different bundle options at 108” (1.2mm), 135” (1.5mm) and 162” (1.8mm).

Meanwhile, the dvLED FE-E provides an affordable alternative at sizes 1.2, 1.5, and 1.9mm pixel pitch. It retains the effective wall-mounted cabinet design of the FE Series and is ideal for customised video wall arrangements where budgets are restricted.

Nils Detje, Product Manager dvLED Solutions at Sharp/NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: “Ease and simplicity were our guiding philosophy with these new families. The E Series bundle lineup is thinner, lighter and easier to install than ever – all at a cost-effective price point. By comparison, the FE-E Series presents an affordable addition to Sharp/NEC’s customised solution portfolio with its precisely engineered cabinet established by the FE Series. We are very excited to see how our customers leverage the new LED video wall solutions to make their messages seen and heard.”

For more information on the dvLED E Series and FE-E Series video walls, visit our dedicated web pages.

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