• Sunday , 28 November 2021

No glasses signage 3D ready now?

A US developer is claiming that it has a commercially viable Auto Stereoscopic Display (ASD) “good enough for digital signage”, generally believed to be 5 to 10 years off, available to license today.

Attendees at the Kagan/Panasonic 3D Media Markets event at the Waldorf Astoria last month were shown the “future of 3DTV” five years early by 3DFusion president Steve Blumenthal in a hotel suite.

Ilya Sorokin, CEO of 3DFusion stated “It took us four years to get here, but we finally showing the world that 3D is not only beautiful and natural but it can be enjoyed without constraints and discomfort of the 3D glasses”.

President Stephen Blumenthal added: “Because we can integrate Math Algorithms with the classical 3D optical, left /right stereo pairs, we make the depth element of the image adjustable, just like brightness and contrast on a standard TV. In essence, we have created a new dimension in mastering, interacting, and optimizing the 3d video signal”

Various journalist and analysts were cited as being impressed. While we have reason to challenge the claims of 3DFusion, it isn’t the first developer to make a similar claim. Right now, 3DFusion is looking for investors and strategic partners to take the technology into a variety of application areas.

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