• Friday , 22 October 2021

Outstanding Achievement in AV 2021

Yuval Kramer – Kramer Electronics

A musical virtuoso from an early age, Yuval has worked as a sound engineer and audio innovator. He is now the entrepreneur leading the audio revolution in the AV industry. Since joining Kramer in 2013, Yuval has made it his mission to re-address the balance between visual and audio by bringing the focus on audio to the fore and establishing Kramer’s award-winning line of products. Audio features in every Kramer development, and the manufacturer has launched more than 200 pure audio products including innovations in IP based DSP, designed from the ground up based on Yuval’s extensive end-user experiences.


Yuval’s leadership has seen Kramer repositioned as an audio authority in the Pro AV landscape. Kramer’s audio line includes patent pending and ground-breaking products, including the KN-DSP100 world first IP based DSP, which allows signals to be routed, managed and processed alongside thousands of video encoders and decoders, remotely over a powerful network from anywhere in the world.

  • Born deaf, Yuval gained his hearing at the age of 24 but was already well on the way to becoming a world class musician. He released his debut album and began touring the world with his bands. Now VP of AVSM at Kramer Electronics, Yuval has transformed the company’s offering based on this experience of what the professional audio industry was missing.
  • Yuval has led the development of more than 70 products in the last seven years that have positioned Kramer as an audio authority in the Pro AV landscape
  • Kramer now has more than 200 pure audio products that include DA, mixers, audio embedders – embedders, Dante, amplifiers, and speakers.
  • The focus on audio solutions at Kramer has resulted in strong growth in sales and increased market share in the Pro AV industry globally.

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