• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Philips deploys PeopleCount in accountant’s office

Located in the city of Hengelo, is Acar Accountants & Adviseurs – a young accounting firm, specialising in areas of accountancy, tax advice, business advice, financial services and business valuation. Situated over three floors, the company’s modern and stylish offices are a hive of daily activity, housing an assembled team of 15 specialist staff and a relentless flow of visitors – including new and existing clients, enquiries and deliveries.

With the safety and wellbeing of everyone that passes through its doors of paramount importance – more so than ever before due to the ongoing concerns and threats surrounding COVID-19 – Acar sought a cost-effective solution that would not only meet new essential social distancing safety requirements, but also instil confidence and trust in those frequenting it, as part of reopening.

Managing capacity levels was key to ensuring social distancing was possible at all times but investing in a full-time security guard or redeploying existing staff to self-manage foot flow, manually counting or clicking a button as people enter and leave the building were not viable options, with both bringing a potential and long-lasting drain on resources and likely to impact quality of service.

Acar turned to Fidato, a national AV integration and project design specialist from Arnhem, which has provided innovative a wide and varied range of display, audio and software solutions to a variety of markets and verticals, including corporate, government, hospitality (hotels), education and healthcare. Founded in 1992, Fidato has an extensive knowledge and reach of the AV market, priding itself on keeping itself abreast of all the latest ground breaking products and solutions available around the world, in order to best support its customers and meet their ever changing needs.

To meet Acar’s needs, PeopleCount, a new solution fromPPDSusing Philips displays combined with an intelligent camera from Bosch, was the standout choice for Fidato, not only meeting safety requirements but also opening up new opportunities, relevant both now and in the future. A long-term partner of its national neighbours, Fidato had been testing trialling PeopleCount – created as part of a direct response to help businesses overcome the challenges faced by COVID-19 – since the solution was first conceived back in April.

Already rolled out across Europe inside a growing number of leading retailers, restaurants and bars, PPDS PeopleCount uses intelligent cameras and displays to keep count of the number of people entering and leaving a premises or space – sending visual and/or audio alerts around capacity, informing people when it’s safe and unsafe to enter, due to social distancing being compromised.

For this important project, Fidato installed a 32-inch Philips PDS 32BDL4051D display, positioned and installed in portrait mode and connected to a Bosch IP Counting Camera to greet people as they enter Acar’s reception area insides the building’s main entrance. The Bosch IP Camera 3000i was strategically mounted on the ceiling near the entrance, automatically counting the number of people entering and exiting the offices. The data is then used to provide automatic live visual information displayed on screen – with an immediately identifiable stop and go traffic light system.

Additional company messaging, including bespoke details surrounding social distancing and safety inside the building, plus information (i.e. wayfinding) and general company marketing and branding messages are also now displayed – guaranteeing a professional look and a wide range of benefits that are relevant both today and in the future. Installed and up and running over the course of just a few days (completed June 1), PeopleCount has ensured it remains business as usual for Acar, and an uninterrupted and high quality service for its customers.

Maurice Hurxkens – CEO at Fidato, commented: “Having conducted numerous stringent testing, the PeopleCount solution from PPDS was the standout choice in order for us to meet Acar’s high needs and demands in order to create the safest environment for its staff and customers.” He continued: “Feedback since the installation has been extremely positive, with staff and customers adapting to the system, with the importance of maintaining a 1.5 metre social distance now an almost natural and instinctive part of their day, helping everyone to feel more comfortable.”

Isa Acar – CEO at Acar Accountants & Adviseurs, shared his delight with the performance and impact of PeopleCount: “When we first approached Fidato, we had no idea anything like PeopleCount existed but am delighted to say it’s so far surpassed all our expectations. Investment in technology, particularly in these tough economic times, may not seem a desirable approach for everyone. However, with the price of PeopleCount comparable to just one month’s salary of a security guard, plus opening up a variety of new offerings, this has very much been money well spent. Trust is a key part of our business.”

Roeland Scholten, Sales Director Benelux & IKAM EMEA, concluded: “The popularity of PeopleCount continues to exceed our expectations, with its versatility now supporting a whole range of different businesses, to overcome the various challenges faces cause, primarily, by the pandemic. “We were delighted to play such an important role in this installation with our valued partner, Fidato, and help Acar achieve on their ambitions. The positive feedback speaks for itself.”


  • Safety and security – Using PPDS PeopleCount, Acar can automatically manage and monitor capacity in is fast paced corporate office to enable safe social distancing among staff and visitors.
  • Built with the future in mind – The benefits provided by PeopleCount will far outlast COVID-19, opening up new opportunities to communicate and engage with visitors, whilst also creating a highly professional image among visitors the second they walk in.
  • Cost effective – PeopleCount can be installed in just a few days and unlike a manually managed capacity solution – PeopleCount is more accurate, does not take breaks or holiday and starts at less than an average month’s salary of a security guard.


To meet Acar’s needs, PeopleCount, a new solution fromPPDSusing Philips displays combined with an intelligent camera from Bosch, was the standout choice

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