• Wednesday , 22 September 2021

Pioneer Group adds the visual impact of HYPERVSN’s high-definition 3D holographic imagery to its portfolio of solutions.

Pioneer Group, a leading supplier of Audio-visual equipment into retail, corporate, hospitality, stadia and venue market, have signed a partnership with HYPERVSN.

HYPERVSN is an LED-based technology that utilises fan-like structures to project 3D holographic imagery. HYPERVSN units create the impression that the content is floating in mid-air, achieving a high-definition holographic effect. Because they rely on LED technology, HYPERVSN is visually compelling and lightweight, energy-efficient, and flexible.

HYPERVSN’s futuristic hologram effect captures people’s attention, making it the perfect tool for retailers to attract customers. Brands like Nike and Adidas have already incorporated 3D visuals into their marketing campaigns thanks to the high-definition quality of the devices that allows for highly detailed recreations of products, making HYPERVSN especially useful for product launches and capturing audience’s attention.

“HYPERVSN is an exciting addition to the world of AV technology”. Commented Mark Childerhouse, Sales Director of Pioneer Group. “Brands are constantly looking for bigger and better ways to engage with audiences; we see HYPERVSN as a particularly striking option for retailers and corporate clients looking for ways to impress visitors to their premises and offer alternatives to reception staff.”

“Pioneer Group are an ideal strategic partner for HYPERVSN; they are experts in retail installations and have an established client base thanks to their knowledge and offering that HYPERVSN can tap into. We are chuffed to have them on board and look forward to watching this partnership grow”. Stated Chris Smith, UK Sales Director HYPERVSN


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